Socrates 3.08 – Just Released

We’ve just released Socrates 3.08.  This is the latest version of Socrates 3.0.

It’s available on the download page here.

This important update has some minor security and deprecation fixes, as well as one major change.  We’ve removed the old Socrates activation system.  So no code is necessary to activate whether you have a single or unlimited account.

We strongly encourage you to install this update as it will not only improve the security but it will also improve the speed of your site.


Socrates 4.0 is Now Available


We’ve spent many months working on Socrates 4.0, and it’s finally ready to be released.

As we’ve discussed on the forum and via this webinar, Socrates 4.0 is not a simple upgrade: it is a completely new theme.

What does this mean for Socrates 3.0 users?

Using 4.0 is completely optional. If you’re happy with 3.0 keep using it. We will continue to make security and bug fixes to the original Socrates (3.07), but it will no longer be sold as of this week.

You can still download and use Socrates 3.0 in this members area. However, we may be altering our activation system and issuing new activation codes in the near future. (Don’t worry; the old ones will still work.)

Existing Socrates customers will be able to purchase this new theme at a steeply discounted rate. (See Below and on the Downloads page).

If you purchased the original Socrates within the last 60 days please contact us via our support desk, before purchasing, if we haven’t contacted you already.

It has always been our policy that any upgrades to Socrates would be free, unless we released a major overhaul of the theme.  And this certainly qualifies as a huge update, with more features and options than ever, as well as a new look.

To put it simply, in order for us to continue to offer great support and put out a quality product, we need to charge for this product. It would not have been developed otherwise and it was not our wish to just name it something else.

We recognize that 1% of you will have a visceral reaction to us charging for a major overhaul of the theme.. If so, please contact us via the support desk and not the forum.

Finally, if you just want to try out the theme. You can still get a one week trial just by opting in via the main site.

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Sharing What You Love…Your Theme!

Sharing What You Love…Your Theme!

The first time you discover your passion, you feel an urge to go out and share it with the world, right?

Well, Socrates Theme doesn’t have to be the consuming passion of your life. But you do love this theme: for its functionality, its monetization abilities, how many complications it saves you, and many more reasons. Maybe you remember that time before you discovered your favorite theme; it was a time of headaches, staying up late at nights, and trying out themes that just didn’t work for you. Your online life has certainly changed for the better. Read More…

Black Hat, White Hat

Black Hat, White Hat

Halloween is a only couple of days away, and we’re all pulling our favorite costumes out of the attic. When the special night comes around every year, do you don the good guy or the bad guy disguise? Are you the superhero, or the villain; the princess, or the witch?

If your alter ego is dark and sinister, you’d better exchange your costume next time you log on to your dashboard. After all, only good guys are allowed when it comes to search engine optimization. Google punishes wrongdoers by bombing their results, and rewards rule-followers with top page rankings.

While the basic principles of SEO (cross-linking, keywords, etc.) are well-known, there are both acceptable and unacceptable ways for doing any of them. These are known as black hat – using deceptive techniques to improve page rankings, and white hat – good and transparent practices to achieve the same ends.

So review your basic knowledge of black-hat vs. white-hat SEO, and make sure your practices aren’t putting you on the dark side.

Black Hat

  1. hidden content: stuffing keywords in the code; placing invisible text on your pages
  2. link farming: setting up fake websites that link back to your site
  3. meta description and meta keywords: stuffing your meta tags with too many keywords
  4. cloaked pages: presenting content to the search engine that is different than the content the viewer sees
  5. blog comment spam: submitting comments on other sites that include links back to your site

White Hat

  1. content: make it unique and write it well, and incorporate original research and  analysis when possible
  2. separate design from content (use CSS)
  3. titles and meta data for each page
  4. meta keywords: keep your list of keywords short and entirely relevant
  5. good inbound links rather than link farms
  6. URL normalization: create a standard URL format for each page on your site

If some of the Black Hat techniques sound Halloween-ish, it’s because they are. Halloween costumes are about deception, after all, and so are Black Hat practices. So get on your Joker costume, but don’t mix it with your SEO!

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