IMPORTANT: All Socrates Member Accounts have been migrated to our new Customer Portal. You can download Socrates 5 and older versions there using old login.

Socrates 5 Launch

April 22, 2017

Hey, it’s Dan Nickerson and if you haven’t received my emails or visited our Facebook page lately, you may not be aware of some major changes to Socrates.

Here are some quick bullet points to make this information easier to digest.

  • I bought back Socrates on March 31, 2017 after 5 years.
  • Since then I’ve been working on Socrates 5 which should launch by April 30th.
  • There’s a full demo on the Socrates Main Site. (and I switched this site over as well)
  • If you’re a paying customer who purchased either Version 3 or Version 4, you’ll receive Socrates 5 at no charge
  • If you want to keep using 3.09 that’s fine.  I just don’t recommend it and will only release bug fixes and security updates for another year or so.
  • I’ve ALREADY migrated your customer account to a new customer portal at (but am still setting it up, if you change your user info or password on Apr 22 or after, it won’t update)

While I would greatly appreciate it if you could give me a week or so to get everything set up, I understand some of you will have questions.

So if you can’t wait until April 30th for me to finalize the transition, launch, shoot videos etc..

Here’s how you can ask me questions.

Most importantly again.

If you bought any license to any version of Socrates at any time, you will get the same license to Socrates 5 at no cost.

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