My header won’t display, what’s wrong?

As we state on the dashboard splash page, you need to save settings for each styling/layout/navigation tab to fully configure your theme before displaying.   This ensures you’ve got it setup correctly.  It’s the Socratic approach to building a theme.  If you didn’t select a background, try selecting one, saving… then go back to “no background” if desired.   You only have to do this during initial setup.      And we will change this in the next update.

If you upload your own header make sure there are no spaces in file names.  And if your uploaded header doesn’t appear in the user-uploads area, try uploading with FF, Chrome or Safari.  We’ve had a few issues with IE8 which will rectify in our next update.   You can only use these image extensions.  .jpg, .gif, or .png.  You can’t upload a .bmp.

Finally if no headers appear, it’s because you manually installed Socrates and when uploading your unzipped file, you created a 2nd directory.  Via FTP move all your files from socrates/socrates  to just /socrates

When trying to upload theme I get the error: “The uploaded file could not be moved to” How do I Fix?

This problem is usually caused by a permission error in your directory structure, or a bad setup in your WordPress dashboard at:  Settings > Miscellaneous

The fastest way to solve this is to just use FTP.  You can unzip the Socrates file to your desktop, then FTP the socrates folder to the theme directory.   wp-content/themes/

The next way would be to use your domain’s file manager to upload zip file to themes directory and select it and click “extract”.  It will then be available to activate in WordPress dashboard.

If you want to try changing permissions on your themes folder you can set themes directory to 755 to see if that solves it… if not change to 777 for upload, but change back to 755 when done.

This can also be a file upload size issue.  You can try unzipping on your computer, removing some of our headers to reduce size, then rezipping and uploading.

Finally, if you want us to install it for you we just need cpanel or ftp access. Contact us with your info.

None of the header images are appearing and I’m getting a functions.php error.

If you manually installed Socrates you probably unzipped the files to a Socrates folder and now you have two folders..  socrates/socrates so the header generator can’t find the images.  Make sure you only have one Socrates directory.  Using FTP you can just move all the files in the second socrates directory to the first directory.

Will I need Web Hosting?

You need to have your own domain and hosting to use a Premium theme.
We recommend Bluehost, who is at the top of the list at WordPress.org

Why does my Layout Tab appear blank?

We’ve had some users experience a blank layout section while using a 3rd party browser.  Please try loading in FF, IE, Chrome or Safari to see if that solves the problem.  We’re investigating this issue.

What version of WordPress does Socrates work on?

Socrates works on versions 2.6 and above.

How many domains can I install Socrates on and can I resell my sites?

See our licensing page for more info.

Does it work on a MAC?

Yes, however Socrates is a WordPress theme that is web-based.  It is installed on your domain inside the wordpress dashboard.  It is not a desktop application, but will run in your browser on a mac.


On my site there’s a message that says “Please Configure in the Socrates Admin Panel”

If you see this message go back to your wordpress dashboard, click on the Socrates tab in the sidebar, then click the navigation tab and click the save button.    This is part of the initial setup process that we cover on the splash page and in the installation video that’s so important to setup your site properly.

Can I use standard/popular plugins and widgets with Socrates?

Yes, and if you come across a plugin that doesn’t work, please let us know.

There are 1000’s of plugins so please understand we haven’t tested with all of them.   Please do not email us asking us if a particular plugin works.  You can safely assume it does… if not, we’ll make it work for you.

Can I monetize with other affiliate programs like Amazon, CJ, Linkshare, etc.


Does Socrates work on WordPress.com blogs?

No, WordPress.com does not allow the uploading of outside themes.

Why can’t I login to forum with my Socrates username/password?

The forum is a separate registration.  Just register via the forum homepage link.

How do I request a refund and cancel my account?

Find your original Clickbank receipt or go here to locate your transaction and cancel.

For More FAQ Please Visit This Forum Thread

390 Responses to “FAQ”

  1. Mark Watts says:


    I am trying to use Socrates to build a new site – http://www.cosmetic-dentsitry-cheshire.co.uk

    Can I get rid of the Search box in the main navigation panel below the header and is there any way I can get more than 8 titles in the navigation bar?

  2. Dan Nickerson says:

    Mark, you can edit out the search bar by commenting out the search code in the header.php file. You can also hard code more links into the top navbar using the header.php file as well.

  3. Jeff Bollettino says:

    I’m not getting my custom header image to display and have tried selecting and turning off a background and going through and saving all the other tabs. What do I do? The box to submit comments or questions doesn’t have a submit button or link so I don’t see how to use it.

  4. Dan Nickerson says:

    Jeff, something isn’t being saved.. go through each tab and save.. it could be your styling or navigation tab. I will be offline for 2 hours, if you send me login info privately I can fix when I return.

  5. There is a lot to like in your new Socrates theme!

    Seem to remember on the sales page that you had two affiliate links that would be available or we could select others to replace them . . . can’t find the two default affiliates as I would like to check them out.

    I see in the FAQ section that others had problems downloading original theme files as I did with Blue Host. Had to have one of their techs walk me through a long backdoor install. Glad you have other options available as I would imagine future releases/updates will present the same challenge.

    One last thing . . . for now: I would like to label the default search box but when I try to do using nav bar labels, it left justifies.

    I have temp inserted underscores to slide the title over to the box. Have no knowledge of HTML (which is why your product appealed to me) is there some other way to right justify just the Search label next to the box or is there another ‘fix’ other than nav bar labels to get the desired result?

    Keep up the good work.
    Just Plain Bill

  6. Dan Nickerson says:

    William, the layout section is where the affiliate links are…

    I think you’re referring to upload issues.. the file is too big for some server hosts.. we’re going to work on streamlining the code and images to solve this.. As far search box, you can label it inside the box by adding text to the value field in the search box. That’s the easiest solution. To be honest, most people intuitively know what the box is and sometimes adding extra text can distract the visitor’s eyes. That’s why I took it out.

    If you email me privately, I can probably tweak it for you.

  7. Steve says:

    Hi Dan,
    I have been working with the socrates theme and I like it. Im a newbie on wordpress as I have designed most of my sites on xsitepro2. So maybe I may not understand why my jpeg header will not upload in wordpress.

    I have been having a hard time uploading my jpg header designed in xheaderpro into the socrates theme. I prefer to design my own. I have created a jpg 960×150 header per attached (in your private email) and I have been trying to upload it to my blog:www.nynjelectricderegulation.com via the socrates header tab. I thought it may have been to large so I compressed it , but it still didnt work. I can easily switch headers that you give us, but when I upload mine. It says it uploaded , then I save at bottom, but it doesnt display? whats the problem?

    Can you login an see what im doing wrong?
    (I sent you my login info via private email)

    Appreciate the help, I think I can make a really nice blog/website with the theme.


  8. Dan Nickerson says:

    Steve, I think the problem was you had spaces in the file name. I shortened the image name to electric.jpg and reuploaded.. Then I clicked on user uploads and selected, and it worked fine. (I’ll mention this in FAQ)

    I also removed text from header which I assume you wanted..

  9. Diana Dietz says:

    I would like to remove the About section on the Header as well as the Home. Also why do my About, Privacy, Contact Us show up as posts? I thought they would be just on the bar for people to select? Also I would like to remove the Search bar off the header.

    Please advise me of how this can be done>

  10. Dan Nickerson says:


    Just remove About from the navigation bar in the navigation section. Your about, privacy, and contact content will show up in whatever way you created them. Sounds like you made them posts instead of pages. So just redo them as pages. In most WordPress themes pages will automatically show in navbar, but our users like to customize them with the navigation tab. It gives you more flexibility.

    To remove search bar, goto Appearance > Editor and click on the header.php file. You can comment out or remove the search code at bottom of file. Everything from and down.

  11. Mark Watts says:


    When I do this:

    To remove search bar, goto Appearance > Editor and click on the header.php file. You can comment out or remove the search code at bottom of file. Everything from and down.

    It removes the Search Bar but then messes up the layout of the site. It centers everything and removes the sidebars?


  12. Diana Dietz says:

    I added 2 CB hopfeed builders to my site and they are not showing up in the side bar, they are in the upper right corner rotating with the Socrates ads and some of the words of the text in the ads are not completely visible. I thought they would be like AdSense ads, is this what they are supposed to do?

    Please advise.

  13. Dan Nickerson says:

    Mark, looks like some of my comment got removed because it was code.

    You just have to remove the code below the “search form” section.. nothing else. I would reinstall the original header.php file and just remove search code.. you might not have removed the last div in that file.

  14. Ted Denton says:

    Hi Dan

    Weird thing – I’ve put Socrates onto 2 of my blogs and they have setup and looked exactly the same, except for headers,of course.

    When I install on my third blog, strange happenings…post title is much smaller, post meta info and post content text is blue and font size smaller than the default sizes that I have left intact on the two other blogs.

    I’ve even un-installed and re-installed Socrates to no avail.

    Strange but true…any suggestions? Thanx,


  15. Dan Nickerson says:


    Honestly, I’m not sure what happened. Did you redownload the script since the first two? I made a minor tweak to Theme 2 days ago which shouldn’t have had any impact, but anything’s possible.

  16. Dan Nickerson says:

    Ted, on another note, your search boxes aren’t working and I just addressed this issue on the FAQ page.. if you want the quick solution.

  17. Michael Smith says:

    One stumble I’m having is in uploading and seeing any of your new headers. I’ve uploaded to my computer, unzipped, browsed for one (Sun) in the “Upload your own Header” box, Uploaded, then Saved at the bottom, and then no sign of it???

  18. Dan Nickerson says:

    It’s not in the user uploads area, if you click the bottom tab? That’s the one extra step.. you need to click it in the user upload box to activate, then save.

  19. Mark Watts says:

    Hi Dan

    How do I get my Socrates php i.d. which appears when you click on the Socrates banner in the bottom right corner?


  20. Ted Denton says:

    Fix worked on search boxes…all are fine now…thanks.

    on the other issue, I deleted Soc and redownloaded and still have same problem.

    Is there an area in stylesheet I can edit these fonts. I’d usually go right in, but thought I’d ask first.


  21. Dan Nickerson says:

    Yes, you can modify the title and description font in the stylesheet and also edit via header.php. There shouldn’t an issue, but if you want to mess with those you can

  22. Dan Nickerson says:

    Click on Layout and enter your Clickbank ID where prompted.

  23. Mark Watts says:


    Is there any way you can choose which pages to display in the side widget?

    For example, if I build pages for long-tail keywords or mis-spelt words I might not want them showing up in my list of pages.


  24. Lynn T Harrison says:


    I have two of my sites changed over so far:

    Where will I find the gallery that you are adding people to?

  25. Dan Nickerson says:

    We have a Showcase post where people are leaving comments with their site URL’s.

  26. Dan Nickerson says:


    Just make your own Pages widget using html, I’ll probably add a widget for this in next update which will be setup in nav panel.

  27. Ted Denton says:

    Hi Dan Ted again

    I have been trying to upload a new header to no avail.
    I took one of your new business headers, opened in PhotoShop….added text, saved it as .jpg AND .psd and neither will upload into header section.

    Also tried saving it and FTP’ing it into Headers – Business section and won’t upload into Socrates that way either.

    Any ideas?


  28. Dan Nickerson says:

    Can you email me privately with access? I can’t duplicate this problem.. One small bug I’ve noticed is that sometimes you have to click on the “user uploads” tab twice.

  29. Ted Denton says:


    Sure…but it’ll have to wait til afternoon tomorrow.

    What do you need? Thanks


  30. Candee Wilson says:

    I’ve been trying to get my “Pages” in the right sidebar to populate in some other order than alphabetically. I’ve “ordered” them 1, 2, 3, etc., but they keep showing up on the site in alphabetical order. Can someone help me?

  31. Dan Nickerson says:

    Candee, make sure you drag the Pages widget to sidebar in case you’re using our default sidebar setup. Then in Pages widget you’ll see the option to display by “page title”.

  32. Candee Wilson says:

    OK, the explanation wasn’t exactly clear, but I did figure it out. Thanks.

  33. Sarah Little says:

    I have tried everything to get my custom header. My blog is at http://www.lifeofthemodernmom.com. I can not get the header to appear in the user upload area. Please help. I went back and made sure I saved configuration on every tab.

  34. Dan Nickerson says:

    What browser are you using? Some people with IE8 have had an issue with our header uploader. Try using a different browser if you can to upload it.

    It might also be a permissions info.. You email me your login info and header (admin @ socratestheme.com ) I will upload for you too.

  35. Rick Dearr says:

    I noticed this one:

    Does it work on a MAC?

    Socrates is a WordPress theme that is web-based. It is installed on your domain inside the wordpress dashboard. It is not a desktop application.

    You may want to start with YES, for those that ask it… It’s web based it will work with your browser, even on a Mac… LOL

  36. Dan Nickerson says:

    Yes, I forgot Yes, and Yes I’ll add Yes.

  37. Tim says:

    I am trying to use the theme on all of my new sites. I save each change as i make it. The problem is that the header does not change. I loaded the codes into the bottom widgets, and the same problem. This has happened on the two sites that I have tried it on. On the first site, it started working in a few hours, but I would think that the delay should not be there. I tried the second site on a different host that I have, and the same issue. Any Advice?

  38. Cheryl Jones says:

    Can someone please help me…I uploaded the theme…and the words…Please Configure in the Socrates Control Panel….is on a button that can be seen when you go to my blog…how do I get rid of those words?? I don’t see an answer in the FAQs. Thank you.

  39. Dan Nickerson says:

    Cheryl, I’ve sent you 3 emails but wanted to answer on here as well.. The message says “Please configure in the Socrates Control Panel” and it’s displayed on our navigation bar. So by us putting the message there we are trying to tell you to go into the Socrates control panel and click the navigation tab. Then save it. Once you do it will be configured and the message will disappear.

  40. Marcia Jones says:

    I got this message when I tried to upload the theme using the instructions (Appearances > Add new > browse > upload). What is the problem? Didn’t see this in previous questions.

    Incompatible archive PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature

  41. Dan Nickerson says:

    This could be a conflict with plugins, sometimes an automatic upgrade plugin. Try disabling any major plugins for a minute while you try to upload. This isn’t an issue with our script but with the wordpress uploader and other plugins. Also, are you sure you didn’t unzip our file and our trying to upload an unzipped directory? It needs to be the zip file.

  42. Cheryl Jones says:

    go into the Socrates control panel and click the navigation tab. Then save it. Once you do it will be configured and the message will disappear…..Thank you, thise instructions I could understand. Go to the Navigation Tab. Click Save. If I had written them, I would have said to Click on the button to get to the Socrates back office, scroll to the bottom left hand side of the page, where the word Socrates is, click on the Navigation Tab there, and then click save…step by step instructions with nothing left to guessing really helps those of us who are not smart technologically and don’t understand the basic vocabulary. Thank you for your help.

  43. Dan Nickerson says:

    Cheryl, I’ll work on making it simpler but I really do try to point this out in our installation videos, in our FAQ, on our splash page, and even in the error message itself.

  44. Kevin says:

    I notice that the unsaved changes are still being commented on – I raised this issue when the theme first launched. I still have the same challenges and have to make the changes and save several times before they take.
    One thing I have noticed is if I save a change and go to the tool bar and make a second change somewhere else and then visit the site then the first saved change will show up – and this has nothing to do with refreshing the page – It simply works for me and maybe it will work for others having the same problem. Weird but maybe it will go away on an update.



  45. Kevin says:

    Hi Support

    I notice there is no 404 page in the theme – can I simply create one or are you putting one in on an update – or is a redirect built in somewhere I haven’t seen yet?



  46. Marcia Jones says:

    Pasted below is the info on the WP version I am using. I just upgraded when I logged into my account yesterday right before I uploaded Socrates (or tried to). Does it work with this version? I did not install any plugins or widgets. I could not find that it said any plugins were installed. I definitely did not unzip the folder before I uploaded it!

    Theme WordPress Default with 0 Widgets
    You are using WordPress 2.9.2.

    I just tried the upload again and got this message:

    Unpacking the package.

    Could not create directory /home/edmarj/public_html/wp-content/upgrade/socrates/socrates/header-images

    What should I try now?

  47. Dan Nickerson says:


    This is strange.. First you’ve got a double directory. /socrates/socrates I can’t think of any other way this could have happened without the file being unzipped and then rezipped.

    But what’s strange is that it’s in the upgrade folder not the themes folder.. I think it’s a permission problem of some sort.

    If you just send me your wordpress login info and FTP info privately via the contact form I can try to fix.

  48. packhorse says:


    I want some of my links in the top navigation bar to open in a new window, how do i do this?


  49. Dan Nickerson says:

    Packhorse, look in your header.php file and you can add target=”blank” code to the href tags in that file.

  50. Thomas Budd says:

    I uploaded the theme, and am configuring my new site. I added catagories, but none show up on the published website…I have 9 catagories under the post menu in Word Press Admin (WordPress 2.9.2).

    Any ideas?


  51. Dan Nickerson says:

    Make sure you have a “categories” widget in your sidebar and that you have a post in each category. They won’t show without a post in them.

  52. James P Ecklund says:


    Awful as it sounds, my company is still using IE 6 on all corporate computers. We are testing IE 8 but having issues with some internal systems. The top and the bottom of the Socrates window is off about 20 pixels to the right when displayed in IE 6. It looks OK in IE 8 but that is still several months from deployment. Would you have a css fix for this?


  53. Ryan T Hodge says:


    One of the things that I want is to be able to show the first post or 2 on the main page and have the read more or continue reading for 5/6 others. I got that which a plugin- but it takes away the formatting in the first 100 characters- using the Homepage Excerpts plug in- do you know of any others that will leave the formatting and also the thumbnails of a photo in the excerpt…thanks love the theme- finally this made me switch over from blogger- a little bit of a user curve- but I think it is well worth it. thanks

  54. Ted Denton says:

    Hi Dan…pain in the butt TD here again. I had told you about the one site I uploaded Socrates to, but the post titles come out much smaller than they do on my other sites. Well, I checked into the Stylesheet and could not find a font size parameter to change.
    When you get a chance, could you look at the site – abworkoutsecret.com so you see what I mean, and give any input?

    P.S. Not having to do with Socrates but do you or Joel recommend any affiliate cloaking script or product?


  55. Ted Denton says:


    I see this is only happening in FF.


  56. Shane Corbett says:


    How do I get an email subscription box in the right column. At the moment it rotates with twitter etc.

    Also how do I install other info in the right column?



  57. Dan Nickerson says:

    You can add a small optin box to the custom html field.. Just paste it into the layout tab in your Socrates Dashboard. Or you can if you want to use the sidebar space you can paste it into a text widget in Appearance > Widgets

  58. Dan Nickerson says:

    You don’t have a closing font tag in your custom html layout box.

  59. Dan Nickerson says:

    Ryan, honestly I’m not sure on this.. The simplest method if you don’t post regularly is to just use the more tag. You change your settings > reading to 7-8 posts and then use more tags on last 5-6. If someone knows a plugin that will help ryan, please feel free to contribute..

  60. Dan Nickerson says:

    James, that is awful.. I will mention it to developers, and don’t have a css fix for right now.. I feel for you with IE… let alone IE6

  61. Steven Rowen says:

    Hi Dan, Had a quick question…I was wondering if you had a suggestion for a WP review site plugin that would work well w/ Socrates?

  62. Dan Nickerson says:

    Steven, I don’t at the moment, but when I come up for air I want to create a whole resource in the member’s area for recommended plugins. Every plugin should work and if not, we’ll make it work.. but I do want to really maintain a list of great plugins.

  63. Cathy Bendzunas says:

    When I make changes (header, color scheme, etc.), I am hitting the save button, but when I check the site, nothing is changed.

  64. Dan Nickerson says:

    You need to make sure you save all the tabs/panels.. for example, if you don’t save the background it won’t show your changes… this is fixed in next update.

  65. Cathy Bendzunas says:

    By saving them you mean to hit the save button right? I’m doing that but it still doesn’t change anything on the site.

  66. Dan Nickerson says:

    Is your background set to no? Try selecting a background and saving as yes. Then you can save as no. Feel free to use contact form to mail me your login and I can look as well.

  67. Lynn T Harrison says:

    You may have to force an update on your browser. It could be showing you a cached copy of the page rather than the most recent.

  68. Cathy Bendzunas says:

    Clicking yes to a background did the trick. Thanks!

  69. Cathy Bendzunas says:

    Oh, if anyone does NOT want to use the widgets at the bottom & doesn’t want the message on there that you get if you don’t use them, just put a blank text widget in each spot.
    May be an “official” way to remove them but this was a simple way I found.

  70. Cathy Bendzunas says:

    One more question. Is there anyway to get rid of the date on the posts?

  71. Dan Nickerson says:

    Yes, you can edit the date code in index.php and single.php appearance > editor

  72. Floris Knouwds says:

    Hi Dan
    If Socrates is SEO optimized do I still need to install the SEO plugin? And the same goes for the other basic plugins like Aksimet en XML sitemaps? Or is this already incorporated in Socrates.

  73. Dan Nickerson says:

    Floris, we cover SEO in the wordpress training videos. You would need to install All In One SEO plugin, sitemaps etc.. we don’t incorporate any plugins at this time. Socrates is SEO Optimized with more seo features coming in next update.

  74. I’m loving Socrates but I have some few requests.

    1. I wish the content would come first before the sidebar content.
    2. Hope you stick with the core WP theme files. I didn’t see any page.php
    3. Hope the post and page title is heading 1 and not heading 2. And when you go to the homepage the title of the site turns to h1 and the posts titles turn to h2.
    4. You have an ID and class div with the same name (im-mainContent). That would create conflict when writing CSS rules.

    Like I’ve said I love Socrates and I don’t mind if I tweak some parts of it. hehehe.

  75. Dan Nickerson says:


    Great feedback and we’re addressing all of it in Version 2 for later this month.. Points 2 & 4 have been done already.

  76. Floris Knouwds says:

    Hi Raymond

    I would like to reiterate the request of Steven, though slightly different: “What would be the best plugin for a review site that you think we should try with Socrates?” Even if you answer with some small bubbles between the words… Just for now!

  77. Hi

    I would like to put the twitter, linked in and facebook buttons on the blog. Do I have to have the banner advert as well or can I load them separately?

    Also I did have an link to my shop facebook page which automatically updated blogs but the most recent on didn’t I had to add it manually. How can I reinstate that link please. (I’m not techy)


  78. Dan Nickerson says:

    Anne, we have a Widget version of the Social Media buttons coming out next week. Honestly, I’m not sure what you mean about Facebook. Perhaps you could email me privately about that issue.

  79. Dan Nickerson says:

    Floris, I’ve got to give the same answer as I did for Steven right now. Not ever having used a review plugin, I don’t have answer. If someone else has recommendations that would be great. I just don’t have time to to research this at the moment.

  80. Couple of requests again 🙂

    1. Basic CSS stylings for floated images and killer typography (if possible please use pixels for font sizes).
    2. Simple basic WP things like having the “edit this” link in a post or page when you’re logged in.

    Typography is very important. Please test all the possible scenarios like the post title that’s too long. What’s that going to look like?

    Socrates is awesome but I think it’s too much focused on the cool functions. Of course there’s nothing wrong with. In fact I bought Socrates because of the headers and layout functions but please also work on the basics of a solid WordPress theme.

    Just my 2 cents.

  81. Dan Nickerson says:

    Ray, thanks and great suggestions. As we get ready to roll out version 2.0 we welcome everyone’s 2 cents.

    Those are good ones.. and we’re definitely working on making Socrates the best theme it can be.

  82. James Cross says:

    Does the template automatically create a cached static version of the site to be stored on the server to speed up loading time or is there a specific plugin needed to do that?

  83. Dan Nickerson says:

    James, no, but we recommend the plugin WP Super Cache. It does this for you.

  84. Greg Hardyman says:

    Dan – I am a relative newbie to PHP, but was wandering why my blog posts are overwhelming my Socrates template on the second post. You can see what I am talking about at http://www.businessplansamplesite.com/ Thanks

  85. Chris says:

    1. Can we have a way of getting rid of the “shadow” in the header font. It makes it very difficult to read… or a better way to put it, it’s hard on the eyes.

    2. Is it possible to have the header completely fill in the “header space” instead of leaving the gap (white space) around it. It is quite annoying.


  86. Dan Nickerson says:

    1. Just remove this from header.php class=”titleText shadow”
    2. It can be done by making the header 974 pixels wide and editing the style.css padding.

    I’m sorry you feel it’s annoying, but honestly for the vast majority of headers, it looks better with padding.

  87. Dan Nickerson says:

    Greg, I responded to you privately as well. This is almost always an extra or missing div tag in your custom html sections.

  88. Dan Nickerson says:

    Kevin, custom 404 page will be in next update.

  89. Dan Nickerson says:

    Kevin, are you using Wp Super cache plugin? This is not something we can duplicate. Once all the panels are saved, changes are always instant. It could be a browser caching or plugin caching issue if otherwise.

  90. Dan Nickerson says:

    Tim, are you using a caching plugin like Wp Super Cache?

  91. Eva says:

    None of my information is showing up. Either in Internet Explorer or in Mozilla. IE says my links appear to be broken. What am I doing wrong: http://bestdebtfree.com

    Thank you!

  92. Dan Nickerson says:

    Eva, your Google code is incomplete. No closing script tag. Try pulling out your adsense code and save… see if that fixes.. If so, get the full code again from Adsense.

  93. brent t jenkins says:

    Hi Dan,
    I’m new (very) to tech and have purchased the Socrates theme as it is my wish to build and monetize a blog. Finding myself confused by mid (first) paragraph on almost everything technical (here) can you recommend a glossary or dictionary for us ‘extreme newbie’s’ that DOES NOT use technical terms to describe technical terms.

  94. Dan Nickerson says:

    Brent, perhaps you could contact me via the contact form with specific questions. I’ll also setup your site for you if needed.

  95. Marc says:

    Question … I noticed that all sites running the socrates theme loads up a left-right scroll at the bottom of my browser. I tried IE8, FF, Opera and Chrome. Why is this so? Is there any way to remove the need for a left-right scroll at the bottom?

  96. Dan Nickerson says:

    Marc, what size browser and resolution are you using? No one else has mentioned this..

  97. Mel Possehl says:

    Hi Dan,

    First let me say I absolutely love this template & am so glad I purchased the unlimited license from the get-go; I already have it installed on 3 sites:) However I just ran into my first issue – is there a way to show sub-pages as drop-down menus from the main navigation at the top? Thanks!

  98. Dan Nickerson says:

    Mel, thanks and there are no sub-pages in this version or our next planned version. However, we are considering adding the code for this with instructions on how to install in the near future. So if users wanted it they could install themselves in a few minutes.

  99. Marc says:

    Hi Dan,

    01. Thank you for the response. I’m using 1024×768. Even on this very page that I am typing on … there is scroll bar (for left-right) at the bottom. You mean you don’t see it on yours?

    02. I think I typed in a wrong email addy previously. Didn’t get a email notification. Luckily I checked back. I’m resubmitting my email now.

    03. I’m seconding Mel’s call for drop-down menus for the sub-pages. This well definitely add to the aesthetics of the site IMHO 🙂

  100. Dan Nickerson says:

    Marc, #1… you’re right.. sorry about that.. will get fix for that asap. You might be the only customer using it…lol #2.. okay. #3… We’re looking into solutions, we just think the benefits of our current nav setup, and version 2.0 may outweigh benefits of sub-pages and categories.

  101. Marc says:

    Thanks for the clarification. Looking forward to getting the fixes and Version 2.0

  102. Steven Rowen says:

    Dan, My blog post appearance is looking a bit generic…how do I get info on how to enhance the appearance of my posts. I assume that would be a wordpress training issue on my end?

  103. Dan Nickerson says:

    Depends what you mean by generic. Generic is good for readability. You can add Adsense into your post and align it right. You can use the media functions to add images. You might want to add some social media plugins like Sociable.

    We designed Socrates for readability… that’s what makes your visitors happy and coming back.. so generic is a good thing.

  104. james says:

    Is there a way to block the leaderboard from showing for my ip address so I don’t run into problems with false ad impressions?

  105. Dan Nickerson says:

    I’m assume you’re referring to Adsense… and not that I’m aware of… you can do it with analytics and cross reference if you want.. but honestly, I’ve never concerned myself with it. All that matters is the revenue.

  106. Linda Katkus says:

    When I try to pick a background it says “error on page” in the bottom bar. It won’t allow me to pick a background from the choices. I have tried clicking on all of them. Only the color scheme color from the style page appears – but not on the website – only on my dashboard. Please advise.

  107. Linda says:

    Update – the background color now (from the style page) does show. The background page is still not allowing me to select the background of my choice. I click on one and it does nothing. I have tried both “yes” and “no” for “Use a background image”. I get the same error when selcting yes or no there also. Pretty much anywhere I click on the background page says Error on page in the bottom left corner on my status bar. Is there a fix for this or do I need to do something? Thanks

  108. Bill Johnson says:

    Is there any way to simply get rid of the Widget Left, Widget Center, and Widget Right modules? I’ve currently got them filled with empty text boxes, but that still leaves an area at the bottom of each page which is blank-but-not-gone? (http://www.stagesofdementiadata.com).

  109. Linda says:

    Hi Bill,

    Go to Widgets and just drag anything and put them in each of the left, middle, and right and save each. I put in Text Widget (until I can get my widgets in there) and it made that writing dissappear.



  110. Dan Nickerson says:

    Bill, Linda is correct… and if you want to minimize that area you can play with the style.css footer section. look at min-height in this section. .im-footer

  111. Dan Nickerson says:

    Linda, something probably still isn’t saved. If you’d like to email me your login (don’t post here) I can take a look.

  112. John Suarez says:

    Hello Dan,

    Do we have Socrates themed sites we can look at to get inspirations from? Thanks.

  113. Dan Nickerson says:

    Just visit the “Show off your socrates sites” post.

  114. Mark Wise says:


    I tried uploading my header graphic through Internet Explorer, but I couldn’t get it to work. I then uploaded through Chrome and it uploaded in the admin panel, however when I view the site, one of the Socrates headers appears rather than mine. What did I do wrong?

  115. Dean A Osborne says:

    Hello Dan..In the widget panel. When I add widgets in there and save..then view site and come back then its all cleared again. Its not saving the widgets that I saved before I went to view site.

  116. Dan Nickerson says:

    Dean, do you have Wp Super Cache running? that can cause issues.

  117. Dan Nickerson says:

    Mark, some people have trouble with headers in IE8, once you upload you still need to goto “user uploads” folder and activate.

  118. Linda says:

    Hello Dan,

    How do I make the Day, Time, and Date disappear off of my pages and posts.

    Thank you

  119. Dan Nickerson says:

    In index.php and single.php remove the following line from code
    (note I replaced < and > with # symbols in example

    on on #?php the_time(‘l, F jS, Y’) ?# |

  120. Linda says:

    Thank you Dan 🙂

  121. nicole stacewicz says:

    Hi Dan,

    I have just purchased socrates 🙂 It is awesome!

    My posts seem to be in italics and I want to change them to the default (normal, clear text). I even tried to create a new post, and that text even went into italics. Looks like it maybe my default. How do I change it?


  122. nicole stacewicz says:

    oh you may want to have a look at my blog to see what it is doing – http://www.thewomenssuccessnetwork.com
    Thank-you 🙂

  123. Dan Nickerson says:

    Nicole, you have an unclosed “em” tag in your sidebar widget. You need to close it.

  124. Judi says:

    Hey Dan –
    I’m really excited about Socrates!

    I am having trouble getting my text to have some room next to the images — they just almost moosh together without any space in between.

    Is there something I can change that will give me a bigger margin?



  125. Dan Nickerson says:

    Judi, you can add padding via the style.css file in appearance > editor look for

    .post img { padding:0px 10px 0px 10px;}

    and adjust accordingly.

  126. Vanessa says:

    Hi- I like the theme so far but have a couple questions and suggestions:

    How can we add a favicon to our site?
    (In another theme I use, it has a field under the configuration panel that we can just add the image/favicon URL…super easy for us non-coders :))

    In order to have a background image (that is a photo) cover the entire site, what size does it have to be? Or how is this accomplished with a small image?

    Also, I would suggest that we can add custom sized headers instead of being limited to the 960×150 size.

    Or can this be changed somewhere within the code (if so, please make the “instructions for dummies” for those of us who are not coders).

    Thanks!! That’s it for now!

  127. Dan Nickerson says:

    Vanessa, there are many Favicon resources online and I never really associated a favicon with WordPress, but I suppose that’s how much wordpress is changing website development. Just use your website’s file manager (not wordpress) or FTP to upload to your primary directory. Usually, public_html No doding is required.

    A background to cover the whole screen can be as little as 1px by 1px. We have repeat settings in our background manager which control how that image is displayed.

    Unfortunately to change the width of our theme would require a major overhaul and is not something we’d consider. We will have page templates with smaller widths, but no plans for the current theme to change. You can change the height using CSS.

    Everything we do in Socrates is designed to help you make more money online. And I can tell you that a common mistake that people make is thinking they need a huge header. Any more than 150 pixels high and you’re just using up too much above the fold real estate.

  128. Greg Swift says:

    Hello Dan, Greg Swift here. I’m trying to figure out how to make the font size bigger. I thought it would be to edit the style.css, but it doesn’t appear to work. Can you describe how to make the text bigger?


  129. Dan Nickerson says:

    Greg, it is in the style.css, but which font are you trying to increase? And are you running WP super cache, so you might not see your changes?

  130. Greg Swift says:

    Hello Dan. I’ve turned off super cache while I edit. I want the main text or really anything that’s on the posts or pages. I tried editing the 10px in the main body in style.css, but didn’t notice any difference.

    Thanks Dan!


  131. Greg Swift says:

    Also Dan, I was able to edit the singlepost.php and put my Google Adsense at the bottom of each post. Where would I go to do this for my pages? There is no ‘page.php’.

    Thanks again!


  132. Dan Nickerson says:

    Greg, the main structure body font is what you need to change and the default is 9pt. Changing that will change the post text size.

    We recommend using Easy Adsense or Adsense Now for Adsense, but you need to edit index.php if you want on all pages. In Version 2.0 coming out in 10 days or we have page.php files.

  133. Greg Swift says:

    Thanks Dan. There must be something over riding my text size. If you look at my blog at http://www.forexharvesterreview.com , you’ll see that my text is very small. I’ve changed the size in style.css, but it isn’t taking.

    Any ideas?


  134. Dan Nickerson says:

    Greg, I would upload the original style.css file again and see if that fixes it. If not, use our contact form to send me your access info so I can take a look.. and let me know what size you want it to be.

  135. Richard Faulise says:

    Hi Dan, Great theme and looking forward to making the most out of it. I need some assistance in making the nav bar tabs active and being able to post content to them. I have attempted to figure this out on my own but having difficulty getting content posted to my other tabs. i.e. Recommended Resources, etc. I was able to post content to my about page but not to my other navigational tabs. Any help would be appreciated.


  136. Dan Nickerson says:

    Richard, the navigational panel is pretty straight forward. URLs on left, Titles on right.. Turn navbar locations on or off with checkboxes, and they will appear on every page of site, not just About page. If you use the contact form and send me your URL and more details I can assist. Are all the other panels setup too, because that can affect content display.

  137. Judi says:

    Hey Dan –

    Is it possible to set up a side with no sidebars at all?



  138. Dan Nickerson says:

    Judi, it’s possible, but in about 10 days it will be part of version 2.0 theme. To do it now you’ll have to tweak the css extensively.

  139. Judi says:

    Thanks — I can hardly wait for 2.0 sounds awesome!

  140. Jos says:


    My sites have to be completely in another language (Dutch). Can I change al the neccesary code?



  141. Candee Wilson says:

    On other blogs that I have online, I use the tag cloud widget and I don’t have to do anything with it. It automatically picks out the most popular tags and displays them.(I am also using a plugin that brings in content automatically.) I have placed the tag cloud widget in the right sidebar, but no tags are being displayed. Do I have to add tags when I make a post? Could my auto content that I use in other blogs also be supplying tags automatically? Is that why my tag cloud is not being built?

  142. Dan Nickerson says:

    Candee, you normally have to enter tags into your posts for a tag cloud to work. I’m not familiar with a tag cloud widget that works without tags automatically.

    You can just look at your posts to see if they have tags entered or not. If not, then you need to check if your auto-content plugin is supposed to enter them for you, or if you need to enter them yourself.

  143. Dan Nickerson says:

    Language functionality has nothing do to with the theme, but with WordPress. You can just use a language translator plugin for your content. Socrates does not display any public text so nothing needs to be translated to your visitors.

  144. Paul says:


    How do I adjust the padding between a picture and a text in a page? I see you posted the info for a “post” but when I adjust that same (.post img { padding:0px 10px 0px 10px;} it does not change the padding on a page.

    Additionally, can you tell us what numbers change what side of the padding?

    Lastly, how do we prevent the day, date and “comments off” from appearing under the title of the page?

    Thanks so much, you have gone above and beyond with your replies to questions!!!

  145. Martin Haworth says:

    Is there a way of creating a blog that has a simple squeeze page for the front page and then use the full theme potential at the back end of the site?

  146. Dan Nickerson says:

    Martin, that is coming in the next update.. We mention it here http://www.socratestheme.com/demo/ and http://www.socratestheme.com/demo/the-socrates-theme-is-a-hit/

  147. Colleen Albani says:

    Hi Dan,

    Before I purchased Socrates, I was trying to put Adsense on my site. I copied and pasted some code somewhere, and I want to remove it and start fresh with an adsense plug-in. I can’t figure out how to do it. When I tried to install the Akismet plug-in the ad totally messed up the site…can you help? Yes, I am the rawest of newbies

  148. Martin Haworth says:

    Thanks Dan, though I’ve reconsidered and realized that there might be money on that page anyway 😉


  149. Dan Nickerson says:

    Edit and add padding to:

    /* required stuff */
    img, a img { border:none}

    Check out this tutorial on padding:

    You can edit the theme files, index.php and single.php and remove the content inside: #div class=”postAuthor”# #/div#
    Note: #’s replace <> to display

  150. Dan Nickerson says:

    The Layout tab is the place where you would have entered code. Otherwise you’re using a plugin already. Akismet should have no impact on your site. Just deactivate any plugin to test when you think you have an issue.

  151. Linda says:

    Hello Dan,

    Is there any way to create a Page Hierarchy within the Categories? In other words, I would like to have a Category and when clicked on a number of pages or posts appear within that Category. Is that possible? If so, how can I implement this?

    Thank you,


  152. Dan Nickerson says:

    Linda, that’s how it works now in regard to posts. You click on Categories and it displays the post, but pages don’t go into categories so that’s not possible.

  153. J R Struik says:

    I try to change the background which is impossible, the screen tells: Background color is set on the styling tab !
    Regards, Jan

  154. William says:


    Great tool. It has made the process so easy and user-friendly. Even though I am yet learning, I appreciate what you’ve provided.

  155. Dan Nickerson says:

    Make sure you save all the panels as we recommend, and see if you accidentally changed the repeat settings to “no-repeat” as that won’t display most of the small backgrounds.

  156. Robert Taylor says:

    What is the maximum width on the sidebar? I am trying to display adsense in a 250X250 box but doesn’t seem to work.

    Love the way it works, easy for us newbies!

  157. Dan Nickerson says:

    300 pixels if you’re using single sidebar. Not sure why you can’t see it.. remember if you just load Adsense on new site, it can take 15+ minutes to appear.

  158. Candee says:

    Where do I paste the code for an outside stat counter that I use?

  159. Miss Elaine Blidgeon says:

    Hi I managed to get the header to display by clicking yes to the all the navigation bars buttons- but one of my pages won’t dispaly on the nav bar and a new page that I added doesn’t configure- posts are okay but not pages.

    When I add pages to the side bar that doesn’t show so how do I get pages to show? And one of my much needed wordpress plugins- WP SQUEEZE PAGE plugin doesn’t work
    Neither does wp sticky

    I want to go live with this so your assistance would be much appreciated

  160. Dan Nickerson says:

    Candee, in the layout tab we have a field for stats and analytics code.

  161. Dan Nickerson says:

    Elaine, I tried to email you but your email bounced. You need to add the page using our Navigation Panel. If you add a page widget to sidebar it will show all pages that are active. WP Sticky is irrelevant in WP 2.9.2. You can make posts sticky using “quick edit” in your posts editor.

    WP Squeeze page most likely needs a page template which we’re adding in Version 2.0 (as well as salespages and squeeze page templates) This will be released by June 7th and should solve your issue.

  162. Fiona M Ivancsik says:

    Hi Dan, how are you?
    I love Socrates and I think your support is wonderful. Thankyou!
    I’d appreciate your assistance with the following-
    I’ve used the Socrates Template on my site http://www.SampleWordpressSite.com and in the Layout Options- Social Network Network Link- I have the option of entering an URL for Twitter + RSS Feed + Facebook + LinkedIN + YouTube.
    Today I uploaded the template to my site http://www.FionaMaryOnline.com and in the Layout Options I’m only given Twitter + RSS Feed + Facebook. Can you explain where the provision for LinkedIn and YouTube have gone?
    We were exchanging emails regarding altering the .php so that MyLiveSignature plugin will insert a personalised signature at the foot of each post on the Home Page as well as inside the post itself. My last email remains unanswered. Are you still willing to assist me with this? I would really appreciate your assistance with getting this issue resolved.

    Many thanks Dan, and I look forward to your response.
    Fiona 🙂

  163. Dan Nickerson says:

    Fiona, thanks.

    On your FionaMaryOnline site you uploaded version 1.1. You need to download 1.2.1 from the download page and reinstall. Sorry I missed your email. I’m responding to over 100 a day right and it must have slipped through the cracks.. I will respond privately.

    On a 2nd note, somethings wrong with your samplewordpresssite.com. Do you have any extra closed div tags in your custom html?

  164. Dan Nickerson says:

    Fiona, Never mind.. fixed it and other problem at same time..

  165. Fiona M Ivancsik says:

    Hi Dan,
    Please know that I seriously value the support you have and continue to provide and I fully appreciate you must answer an enormous number of questions!
    When I download the latest version of the Socrates Template do activate a new theme, then delete the existing socrates theme, then upload the new version of the socrates theme, then activate the socrates theme?
    OMG..thanks so much for fixing the MyLiveSignature issue. And extra special thanks for fixing the extra closed div tags in the custom html because I have no idea what that means! LOL!!
    Dan, I need to know what you did to the single.php file because I need to replicate this in a client’s Socrates theme. Would you be able to copy and paste the text into an email, so I can keep it for when needed. This way I won’t be bugging you all the time.
    Many thanks, Dan. You’re a gem!
    Fiona 🙂

  166. Dan Nickerson says:


    All you have to do is open your site in one browser tab and the client’s site in another. Open them both to Appearance > Editor and locate the single.php file. Copy from your site and paste into your client’s site.. that gives them exact copy.

  167. Fiona M Ivancsik says:

    Thanks Dan. That makes sense, sorry that logic escaped me! 🙂
    About my Socrates theme being V1.1 and I need to download V1.2…When I download the latest version of the Socrates Template do I activate a different theme inside my site, then delete the existing socrates theme (V1.1), then upload the new version of the socrates theme (V1.2), then activate the socrates theme again?
    I’m not wanting to lose all the settings I tweeked inside of the old version of Socrates. Is there a way to upgrade to Socrates V1.2 without losing settings?
    Fiona 🙂

  168. Dan Nickerson says:

    I answered privately as well. You do not lose your settings when you upgrade, they are stored in your WordPress DB. You can upload via FTP overwriting old files, or activate new theme, delete install and reinstall via dashboard.

  169. Nick Frisco says:


    I haven’t found this question publicly so I guess I will ask it here…
    In the 728 by 90 monetization bar, how can you generate a javascript code or html code to place in that box?

    I only have an image file placed on my server that can be found by going to the designated URL/image file?

    I’d like to place my ad image in that monetization bar box and hyperlink to the site that I want to drive traffic to.

    How do you do this without javascript or html coding?
    Or, do you know of any ways that I can get my URL/image file into javascript or html coding by using a generator or something?

  170. Dan Nickerson says:

    If you have a google adsense account just login to Adsense and choose a 728×90 ad unit. If Clickbank use the Hopfeed ad builder to generate a 728×90 ad unit. If an affiliate program, look for 728×90 ad units and they will usually give you the code.

    If you have an image you’d like to hyperlink without knowing HTML check out our affiliate page for an example link. Right below the 220×90 banner there’s an ad box.. Copy and paste to your ad unit box.. Replace the image URL with your image, and the link url with your link.

  171. Fiona M Ivancsik says:

    Thanks Dan, I very much appreciate our assistance.
    Fiona 🙂

  172. Nick Frisco says:

    Hey Dan,

    Thanks again buddy! That worked perfectly…

  173. Ryan says:


    Which related post plugin would you recommend? You know the ones that are at the bottom of a post that pull info from previous post your wrote…thanks

  174. Ryan says:

    thank you- it was was so many options- and this is the one that I was looking for- which brings me to 2 more plug in questions:)

    comments- like the box here and then I saw another one that would pull up the last post I have wrote -i’m assumming that it would pull from my wesite when I left it.

  175. david brockman says:


    I’m just getting going with Socrates. Have installed it and is working ok so far. Goosdtuff.
    However, just a quick couple of questions. Is it possible to remove the sidebar altogether..to make the page look like a simple website?(the same with the optional widget at bottom).
    Also, how do i remove the ‘posted by’ wordpress text when i post content into the blog?
    Stupid question probably but can i use socrates to design the basic feel and linking of a website and then drop a load of content code in from a previous webpage i designed? and if so, how would i go about this?
    Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks


  176. Dan Nickerson says:


    This is one the features we’ve been talking about in Version 2.0 which should be out by Friday. Also the widget section is minimized if no widgets are used. And also the entire “posted by” line is optional in version 2.0. Dropping content from an old- non-wordpress site is as simple as copying the the text from the old site and pasting it into a new wordpress post.

  177. Dan Nickerson says:

    Ryan, I’m sorry I not seeing your 2 questions.. can you rephrase.

  178. david brockman says:

    Thanks Dan, sounds interesting. I’l check out the new version.


  179. Fiona M Ivancsik says:

    Hi Dan,
    I love Socrates, and while we’re in suggesion mode re: ideas for the next version, may I suggest:-
    I feel it looks neater when the widgets on the side bar are contained in a frame. To me is totally delineates the widget thext from the post text and looks cleaner. Such as the examples at this link. Would you please consider ‘boxing’ the widget content? http://www.wordpressthemes4u.com/?preview_theme=redarrows4u
    Can future releases of new versions of Socrates have an automatic upgrade feature inside of the WordPress Dashboard, as I see many themes do?

    Once again, great job with Socrates Dan. And you are doing an awesome job with support. Thankyou.
    Fiona 🙂

  180. Dan Nickerson says:


    1. Once we have the forum up, users will be able to submit these kinds of css mods for anyone that may like them. These kinds of design elements can be changed in the CSS.

    2. We can look into it, but my fear is that you’d lose all your settings. We’ll have to test. An automatic upgrade takes about 4 seconds.. A manual upgrade takes about 10 seconds.

  181. Fiona M Ivancsik says:

    Hi Dan and thanks.
    If you can tell me how to box in my widgets by editing the css I would LOVE IT!! I feel me blog looks a little messy because I’m used to everything being neatly framed!
    Your right, we don’t want to lose our settings for our template. So thanks for being committed to not making that change to upgrade of the template without the necessary research!
    Fiona 🙂

  182. Dan Nickerson says:

    Fiona, as you can imagine right now our priority is getting Version 2.0 out this week.

    I’ll have a forum up this week and once it is we’ll have a section on these kinds of mods. Hopefully we can get both our developers and users contributing.

  183. Fiona M Ivancsik says:

    Thanks Dan,
    I appreciate your efforts and will look forward to the forum. I can’t wait to frame my widgets!! 🙂

  184. I created a custom header and uploaded it. It showed up on the header page. I saved it. However, it did not show up on the site. The old header continues to be there. I changed to one of your headers and hit save. Still did not change it on the site. Tried my custom header again.. still no change. What am I missing. Also you might consider a way to delete ‘user headers’.

  185. Dan Nickerson says:

    Paul, this is the #1 question at the top of this page. Most likely you didn’t save your background.. Just save all your panels as we instruct and the header will appear.

  186. Elizabeth Elgin says:

    Is there a way to not have dates appear on posts?

  187. Dan.. thank you. I thought I had done that. But.. you were right so I did the background routine and got my header to appear. Thank you for putting me back on the right track. Really enjoying Socrates.

  188. Gail P Mills says:

    Dan, After reading your FAQ regarding my header problem not showing up on the site. I decided that I should start all over again. I tried to install another Socrates theme, but of course it wouldn’t install, since I already had a duplicate loaded Socrates theme using the same name. How can I start fresh and install a new Socrates theme? And then I will make sure I follow your instruction without checking until every section has been saved???

  189. Dan Nickerson says:

    Activate the default theme, then delete the Socrates theme.. then reupload and activate the Socrates theme. All your settings will be saved.

  190. Dan Nickerson says:

    Elizabeth, In index.php and single.php remove the following line from code
    (note I replaced with # symbols in example

    on on #?php the_time(‘l, F jS, Y’) ?# |

    In Version 2.0 this is an option to turn on or off.

  191. Ross Joyner says:

    Great Theme Guys I do have a couple of questions
    1 Dan I know its right in front of me but I can’t find my Getresponse form code. where is it. I see the form but for some reason it is not displaying correctly (see at http://www.rossjoyner.com) and I need to fix whatever is wrong. If you happen to know why my fields are messed up let me know also.

    Lets just start with that question. Guys I just wanted to let you know that I used Thesis themes for sometime and bought your theme because I got tired of waiting for thesis to do some of the things you managed in Version 1.GREAT JOB !!!

  192. Ross Joyner says:

    Also how do I get 2 150px by 150px ads to show up instead of just one of them as seen on my site http://www.rossjoyner.com)and is there a way to show 1 or 2 posts then teasers after that? 🙂 Thanks in advance

  193. Ross Joyner says:

    As for where is my getresponse code I FOUND IT! wp-admin/widgets.php simple enough DAH

  194. Dan Nickerson says:

    Ross, thanks for your comments and check out the plugin: Wp125 for banners. We don’t have a setting for teasers, you can get creating using “sticky” posts and the more tag though.

  195. I gues with some smart categorizing of the Forum, we will have a ready made resource from the input on here already.

    Could I suggest, for example, that there is a space for useful plugins that might add value if they are not inherent already. If I have this right, the ‘add plugins’ option in current WP editions merely needs the user to find it (and the links could be on your forum category) and the upload is pretty smooth then.



  196. Ross Joyner says:

    Well Dan I’m not completely finished but Check it out and tell if I am on the right track and what I can do to make this Blog better! http://rossjoyner.com

  197. Dan Nickerson says:

    Martin, yes, we’ll have a plugin resource

  198. Dan Nickerson says:


    1. You need a 728×90 banner in top ad bar, not 468×60
    2. You’ve got related products code at top and bottom.. just use a bottom.
    3. Your facebook profile is not visible.
    4. Use the “more” tag in your posts to break up content.
    5. Setup your footer widgets.
    6. I wouldn’t use the bottom banner below footer
    7. Check your wp125 settings to add 2nd banner.

  199. Terry Voth says:


    I use excerpts on my home page. I normally change this in the index file. My problem is that with this theme it has changed all my pages to excerpts as well, and when you click on their page titles you just get redirected back to the same page with the excerpt.

    Normally in WP themes there is a page file that can be edited separately from the index file. This theme does not have one.

    Do you have a solution?

  200. Dan Nickerson says:

    Terry, we’re releasing version 2.0 with a page template on Friday, but I can email you the page.php template if you’d like to test it out. Check your email in 2 min.

  201. Terry Voth says:

    Wow. Lightning fast reply. Very much appreciated!!

  202. Dan Nickerson says:

    Terry, too fast.. the page.php template isn’t ready yet.. give me a little bit to see if I can get one for you.

  203. Terry Voth says:

    Ok. No worries.

  204. Dan Nickerson says:

    Terry, try doing this.. using original copy of index.php, rename it to page.php and upload to your socrates folder.

  205. Candee says:

    The Privacy Statement, About, Compensation Policy, are all pages on my site. How do I get these pages to appear where I want them to without having them appear in the right sidebar along with all of my content pages? I’ve been trying to deal with this for weeks now but can’t figure it out.

  206. Dan Nickerson says:

    Candee, that’s exactly why we created our navigation panel. Most people use the bottom left or bottom right navigation panel just for those type of pages.

  207. Candee says:

    I have the Privacy and Compensation pages on the bottom left nav panel and the about page in the info bar under the header. If I set the pages to “public” they still appear in the “Pages” widget in the right sidebar. If I set them to private, they can’t be seen anywhere. How do I get them out of the right sidebar where all my content pages are located and still appear in the left bottom nav panel and info bar?

  208. Dan Nickerson says:

    Use the “exclude” page id function in the widget.

  209. Candee says:

    Well, it took me a few minutes to find out what the Page ID was, but I got it. Just chalk this one up as an addition to my learning curve. OMG, Dan, you must be burning the midnight oil. I hope you are getting paid well because it appears that you worked all weekend.

    thank for being so johnny-on-the-spot.

  210. Dan Nickerson says:

    Candee, I do just fine.. and have always worked 7 days a week, so no big deal. I’m online about 17 hours a day.

  211. Joe McHenry says:


    What a terrific product! And more to come…
    I had the problem with the Layout Tab in E7 but not in FF. I upgraded E7 to E8 and the Tab worked fine.
    Maybe there’s some coding in E7 that interfers with Socrates?

  212. ian says:

    Hi Dan

    Can you show me how to insert a optin box as on your demo site http://www.socratestheme.com/demo/


  213. Dan Nickerson says:

    Ian, just get your optin code and goto: Appearance > Widgets Drag a text box to the sidebar, and then paste in your opt-in code. And Save.

  214. Dan Nickerson says:

    Joe, sorry, yes IE7 and the layout tab has issues..we believe we have it fixed in Version 2.0 coming out Friday.

  215. Wayne says:

    HELP! I have just inserted a banner into the 728×90 area – even have it exactly sized to those measurements – but now, the rotating items that were on the same level are forced down to the next level — it’s really odd. Without the banner, the rotating items return to the proper location…

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    (I’ll leave it like this for the next hour or so, but after that, I’ll have to remove the rotating clicbank items as a work around.)

  216. Dan Nickerson says:

    Wayne, looks like you’re missing a ” mark at the end of your alt tag… that could mess it up.

  217. Wayne says:

    Dan – Thank you! That did it!

  218. James Horan says:

    1. I put up Scorates Theme one day..lost my adsense acct. the next. Any correlation?
    2. I market cc/credit repair etc affiliate programs mostly from cj. When I put the ads in the right box some flush right, some left…How can I center all of them?
    3. Seems most of the affiliate boxes are either tooo big or tooo small to fit and look good in the nav bar to the right. The bar is always too big or two small. Is there a way to change the size of the nav bar other than just the 300 and 150…some comfortable place in between?
    ie, example of too big and left flush on the website.
    4. Finally, is there such a thing as a “automatic Tag Cloud for articles showing on a particular page? My site is all about personal finance/money/credit/etc…
    Thank you
    James Horan

  219. Steven Rowen says:

    Dan, I’m looking to put snap shots on my Socrates blog. I’m kinda new to this and they’re not very clear on how to install. They say insert the code before the . I’m assuming that’s before the body section in Socrates in the style sheet?

  220. Joseph Cosgrave says:

    Hi Guys, was wondering if you could tell me how to disable the large 728×90 header for certain pages? I’m pretty bad with coding and all that so I can’t do it myself.


  221. Dan Nickerson says:

    Joseph, just login to dashboad, click Socrates > Layout, and select “No” for Top Ad Unit

  222. Dan Nickerson says:

    Steven, it looks like they have a plugin to do this. http://ajaydsouza.com/wordpress/plugins/snap-shots/ and it would be in the footer.php file if you added it yourself.

  223. Dan Nickerson says:


    1. Absolutely no correlation
    2. Add centering tags/divs to your ad html.
    3. You can edit the CSS folder with your styling choice via FTP, 300 width is really popular though and there are plugins which display banners well in that width.
    4. There are automatic tag clouds for tags…. I don’t know about articles. You might have better luck with a related posts plugin.

  224. naqueen says:

    I have this theme installed on two of my sites and both are displaying my analytics code at the bottom of the page when I put the code in the footer html field.

    Can you help me get rid of that but keep the tracking?

  225. Dan Nickerson says:

    Naqueen, you didn’t enter in the code. You just entered your analytics ID. You need to get the actual analytics code from Google Analytics and place that in the footer html. It’s about 8 lines long. Just login to analytics click edit next to your domain name.. then click the “check status” in upper right and you’ll find the code.

  226. Joseph Cosgrave says:

    Hi Dan, thanks for the super quick reply!

    But what I was asking is how can I disable the large 728×90 header for certain (SPECIFIC) pages. I.E. the privacy policy page.

    Google doesn’t want us showing ads on the privacy policy page.


    PS This is the most awesome theme ever BTW!

  227. Dan Nickerson says:

    Joseph, in Version 2.0 you can select a no-sidebar template and disable the top ad unit. This will solve that issue. Also, I can no longer find that policy in Google’s guidelines.. you can’t place on a page with “no content” but I think they changed it a ways back. Glad you like the theme.. another day or two and you can use Version 2.0 for this.

  228. Joseph Cosgrave says:

    Cool! Thanks for clearing that up


  229. bob m says:

    Just purchased Socrates and really like what I see. I do have one question (probably a lot more). Under navigation, if I say yes or no to a navigation bar under the main header – when I view the site I still get the following text: “728×90 HTML Code”

    I can’t seem to get rid of the “728×90 HTML Code”

    Any suggestions on getting rid of this text so that it doesn’t show up when the page is viewed would be much appreciated. If it helps to see what I’m trying to explain, I’ve listed the url here: http://www.blogsizzle.com/

    Thanks – Bob M

  230. Dan Nickerson says:


    It should be as simple as selecting “no” and saving the panel. We’ve never had an issue with this before.. if you had a caching plugin I’d say that’s the reason, but you don’t appear to.

  231. bob m says:

    I was trying to do some editing and apparently did not properly save the coding for my footer.php setting. So my question is whether there is a way to get back to the original or default status for the footer.php without uploading the entire theme again?

    Thanks – Bob M

  232. Dan Nickerson says:

    Extract the zip file you originally downloaded.. open the footer.php in your text editor and copy and paste it to Appearance > Editor > footer.php

    Remember also we have a place in layout where you can add code to your footer.

  233. bob m says:

    Dan – Your response time is unbelievable! Thanks so much for the help. Hope you get a little time off now and then.

    Thanks again – Bob M

  234. Wayne says:

    Dan – I need help again!

    The top ad banner displays just fine in Firefox, but in IE, it’s showing as just a gray box and not linked as it is in Firefox.

    HELP! I can’t understand why it would be fine in one browser and not in the other. The coding looks fine, but I might be missing something.

    Any guidance would be much appreciated.


  235. Dan Nickerson says:

    You forgot the closing > after your URL for that ad. Before you build out your site more, I notice your using Page ID numbers too.. Make sure you setup your permalinks so you’ve got actual page names in your URL’s… makes a world of difference with SEO.

  236. Joe McHenry says:

    How do I place an ad in the right hand sidebar?
    I have tried to drag and place a Widget text box there but although a gray box moves over it doesn’t stay. Also the Socreates boxes which are there – are all gray and nothing can be entered.

  237. Dan Nickerson says:

    Make sure you select the drop down arrow first to open up the widget box.. then drag the widgets and “save” them after they stick to that area.

  238. Wayne says:

    Once again – Expert advice and catching my errors.

    Thank you, Dan. I’ve also updated the permalinks as you suggested.

  239. Michael Murdock says:

    Hey Dan, great support here. Always fun to read short answers to seemingly longer problems.

    Quick question regarding CSS/Fonts in this theme. Any plans to add anything fancier fonts-wise? Or is that a WP limitation?



  240. Dan Nickerson says:

    No plans but next week when we have our forum going and Version 2.0 fully live, we’ll be doing a lot more tutorials on how to easily change fonts.

    Right now you can change via the style.css file, and I would expect to add more font support in a later update.

  241. Joe McHenry says:

    I followed your instructions to select the drop down arrow before dragging and saving the widget.
    However, nothing appears on the blog although the text remains on the widget if I go back and check.
    Also when I delete the text in the widget it often just remains there (even though it isn’t on my blog)until I delete it again.
    If I try to use the Primary sidebar then it overwrites the info already there i.e. pages,archives,categories etc.
    Should I be initialising the Optional sidebar in someway?
    Or should I delete and re-install Socrates?

  242. Fernanda says:

    Hi Dan,

    I installed the theme and it works very well but I am having trouble with comments in the pages.

    I have made for example the about page and entrenamientos page but when I press the comments link in any of the pages, nothing happens

    I can comment on posts but not on pages

    Is that something I could fix?

    Thank you


  243. Steven Rowen says:

    Hi Dan,
    Could I use the “Hot Video Squeese Templates” to build a landing page for my Facebook Fanpage?

  244. naqueen zaire says:

    Oh ok, Duuhh.. lol

    Thanks Dan

  245. Dan Nickerson says:

    Steven, it’s possible, but I honestly do very little with Facebook and haven’t looked into this possibility yet.

  246. Dan Nickerson says:

    Fernanda, you must have comments turned off on those pages.. Just goto your page editor, edit the page and check the “comments” box.

  247. Cathy says:

    Ok I know I’m missing something. I have a static front page & the posts are listed in the sidebar. However when you click on these posts, you get a blank page. Even when I try to click on the “view post” in the editor, it’s coming up blank.
    What am I doing wrong?
    The site is http://lifejacketsfordogs.org

  248. Dan Nickerson says:

    Cathy, check your permalinks. Settings > Permalinks. Your pages should not be ending in .html Use one of the default settings. I usually just use: /%postname%/

  249. Cathy says:

    Thanks Dan, that did the trick. I just want to say that I appreciate all your patience with us. These never ending questions have got to get tiring.

  250. Dan Nickerson says:

    Cathy, great. You should see my inbox in the morning too. After 16 years of marketing online and 100’s of 1000’s of customers, I can do support in my sleep, (and sometimes do) You’re very welcome..

  251. Joe McHenry says:

    I posted a question for you at 6.43am today but later questions have had a response but mine seems to have overlooked….


  252. Dan Nickerson says:


    Sounds like a caching issue. Are you running Wp Super Cache? Because that will cause the problems you speak of. The pages, archives and categories are just default widgets. As soon as you drag a widget to sidebar it overwrites, and you can just re-add those widgets.

    If you’d like to email me privately and tell me how you want it to look and send me access to your wordpress dashboard I’ll check it out. There’s no need to reinstall Socrates as it’s not related to the theme.

  253. Bettina Reaves says:

    Great theme guys. But my background image (tile) won’t load. It says ‘error on page’ every time. Everything else seems okay.

  254. Linda says:

    Hello Dan,
    I was just wondering what to do for metatags. Can we install the All-In-One SEO Pack with Socrates without messing anything up or are there built-ins in Socrates where I wouldn’t need this? I don’t know how else to configure or insert metatags for each post/page. I see the Tags fields. But this isn’t for metatags is it?
    Thank you again (and again, and again for the great support!) 🙂

  255. Dan Nickerson says:

    Bettina, try reloading your browser and if you’re using IE8 try it with another browser. If that doesn’t fix please send me your URL and access info privately and I’ll take a look.

  256. Dan Nickerson says:

    Linda, we highly recommend the All In One SEO Pack and even have a video on it here. http://www.socratestheme.com/downloads/wordpress-plugins-and-seo/

  257. Cathy says:

    I SO did not want to bug you again Dan but my posts are still messed up.

    lifejacketsfordogs.org has 2 posts:
    http://lifejacketsfordogs.org/teaching-your-dog-to-swim and

    The water safety post is fine (except it says nothing found in the tab even though it does show up).

    The teaching post takes you back to the water safety post even though it says water in the browser window.

  258. Dan Nickerson says:

    Cathy, I think your permalinks are still messed up. If you email me your access info via the contact form I can take a look. And just fyi, all those links in the sidebar are going to hurt you in Google. Never a good idea to have that many outbound links on one page. A better idea, is to write a short review post about each link and then instead of 30+ outbound links, you’ve got 30 more posts in your blog.. and a place for people to comment on the links. (by the way, I’ve got 2 chocolate labs)

  259. Ryan says:


    Is it an easy way to move a blog from blogger w/o losing PR and google juice to wordpress?

    Thanks for all your help

  260. Cathy says:

    Ok Dan, I sent the info thru the form on the Contact page.
    Actually the links are the idea of Brian Johnson. I have been following his “Commission Ritual” plan and he does the outgoing links to similar sites. He says it helps with SE ranking. SO far it has helped me as over half of my sites get in the top 10. But I do think I over did it this time. I usually only put 15. I’ll go clean some of them out.
    I love chocolate labs!

  261. Dan Nickerson says:

    If you move a domain name the PR and google juice will pass to the primary domain, and there are some things you can do with 301 redirects to maintain PR on pages and posts.. If you’ve just got a blogspot URL you can’t pass the PR or Google juice to my knowledge.

    Better to move now than later.

  262. Ryan says:

    Thanks, I appreciate the quick response, I feel much better now and at ease:)


  263. Bettina says:

    Thanks Dan – worked like a charm!

  264. Dan Nickerson says:

    Cathy, you should be all set now. I’ll ask Brian about that, there’s some value in quality outbound links to build trust, just don’t usually see that many.

  265. Fiona says:

    Hi Dan,
    When you speak to Brian about the Outbound Link theory that Cathy’s enquiry raised, would you please share your thoughts with us? I am very curious about this.

    Also, I’m wondering what your thoughts are on how many keyword phrases we should place in the All in One SEO Plugin. I’ve heard anything between 5 and 100. What are your thoughts based on your experience?

    Fiona 🙂

  266. Hi Dan

    Sorry to bother you. First of all let me say i love the socrates theme.

    I am having an issue at the moment with my footer sometimes showing up under the header. Not sure if this is my browser problem or a socrates prob.

    If you could have a quick look and see if it does that when you view it it would be appreciated


    site: http://golfblog.kpgolfpro.com

    ps: If this error has been covered previously i apologise, too many responses to go through.

  267. Cora says:

    When I uploaded a picture, I got this error and now can’t view my site.

    Unable to create directory D:\inetpub\vhosts\goldenpathways.ca\httpdocs\wakeup/wp-content/uploads. Is its parent directory writable by the server?

    Can you help please?

  268. Judi says:

    Hey Dan —

    Super job with all these questions and answers — thanks so much!

    How can I get rid of the comments box — I don’t have a need for them and would like to remove them.


  269. Dan Nickerson says:

    Cora, WordPress has a lot of info on this. http://wordpress.org/support/topic/287597 Usually it’s a folder in Settings > Miscellaneous you need to setup or it’s a permission problem with your directory. Another thing to try is the quick WordPress reinstall in the Tools > Upgrade section. That can sometimes fix pesky issues http://codex.wordpress.org/Tools_Upgrade_SubPanel

  270. Dan Nickerson says:

    Comments are optional on all pages and posts when you are creating them, however you can also remove comments by editing your core theme files. We’re releasing Version 2.0 today, so you might want to wait until you install that.. but once you do you need to look for “comments template” code in your files. In our new forum I’ll do a tutorial on this too. Hope to launch the forum by tomorrow.

  271. Dan Nickerson says:

    Fiona, I never use more than 20 keywords in my meta tags. That’s just me and I’m not an SEO expert, but in my opinion and more than that and it gets spammy.

  272. Dan Nickerson says:


    I’m guessing if you have that error you’ve got an unclosed div tag in one of your html boxes or widgets. I’m not seeing it though. As far as your site goes, it looks great, only suggestion would be that my first instinct would be to use green instead of red for color scheme.

  273. Kevin says:


    Thanks for taking a look, will check the div tags.

    I think you are right …. Green will be better.

    Thanks again


  274. Chris Zimmerman says:

    If I want to remove the Socrates footer link, how can I do that?

  275. Dan Nickerson says:

    Open the footer.php file. You’ll find the URL halfway down the page.. Just remove the entire line from

  276. Dan says:

    Dan – how will we be notified when the new release comes out – will it automatically indicate new release under themes or should we be looking for an email or other notice?

    Thanks – Bob M

  277. Dan Nickerson says:

    Bob, when we release the beta (maybe tonight, looking like tomorrow) we will just announce it on the site, before we email our list we’ll get some more feedback and fix the inevitable glitches that might appear. Our customer list is getting very very large, so would like to make sure that we have every covered.

  278. Paul says:

    I want to add some code from Aweber that goes to my Thankyou page. Aweber says that the code needs to be added to the Head section of the web page. How do I get into the head section?

  279. Dan Nickerson says:

    If you are doing a pop in Aweber form than it can go anywhere in page.. If you wish to put in header section, you need to goto: Appearance > Editor find the header.php file and place before the closing head tag.

  280. Hi Dan,

    I realize that you are super busy getting Socrates 2.0 Beta going – but I am having a B-I-G problem with Socrates and the way it treats uploaded photos….

    I bought Socrates because I like the instant header generator AND BECAUSE I didn’t want to spend precious time tweaking code – but rather focus on my business – however, It Is An Absolute MUST that uploaded images have decent padding around them.

    1. I have read through this whole FAQ and I found where you said this:
    “Judi, you can add padding via the style.css file in appearance > editor look for

    .post img { padding:0px 10px 0px 10px;}

    and adjust accordingly.”

    2. When I followed that arrangement – things just got really really b-a-d. :-[

    3. So I rearranged the numbers and made it:
    padding: 10px 0px 10px 0px and there was noticable improvement – with flush left photos BUT NOT with flush right images…. There you have to go in and tweak so more…. 🙁 For some reason the tweaking the padding seems to stretch the black part of these photos terribly…!)

    If you want to see what I mean about needing to tweak for flush right photos – take a look at my site and look at the “blue sun” – I have the padding settings to 10px 1 px 10px 1px (you will also see what I mean about the captions):

    I have only tried SOCRATES out on 1 of my sites due to the difficulties I have been having with it….

    Some suggestions for future upgrades:

    1. all uploaded images should have a simple standard padding!

    2. Coding for captions under the photos needs to be fixed: captions should not be the same size as post/page text but smaller – and, I think, in italics.

    3. When a visitor comes to our blog they should be able to see AT LEAST a line marking the difference between the various posts. As it is now – they just seem to run into each other. 🙁

    4. Please Give us the option to exclude DATE & TIME & author name on posts/pages without having to go into code…

    5. Please Give us a drop-down menu ability

    I am looking forward to Socrates 2.0 coming out –
    I hear it has a nice sales page, too! GR8!

    Thanks for all your help!

  281. Judi says:

    I’m wondering if I screwed something up? My log in information won’t allow me in to the Socrate Theme site.

    Is it me or are you having difficulties?


  282. Hi Dan,

    I would like to add another suggestion for the Socrates 2.0 upgrade:

    – Please put at the bottom of every page & post:

    Copyright © 2010 All Rights Reserved (Naturally with the appropriate year.)

  283. Dan Nickerson says:

    Judi, we were messing with the DB right around that time.. should be fine now.

  284. Dan Nickerson says:


    1. I’m sorry this really hasn’t been an issue. In looking at your source code, I don’t know what’s creating the class “mcetemp” but I think it’s affecting your padding. Don’t want to sound stupid if I should know what “mcetemp” is but our theme doesn’t create it. And you’ve got other “dt” classes in there as well I don’t recognize.. Could be a plugin you’re using. You can also control padding by using “advanced settings” after doubleclicking on image in post.

    2. Just added to V2, but not in italics
    3. Can be fixed in stylesheet, and version 2.0 has bottom of post custom html unit.
    4. Added in V2 already
    5. We will add a mod for this in our forum later this month, but no going to add in V2.

    Thanks for suggestions.

  285. Dan Nickerson says:

    Version 2.0 Beta has been released..

    It’s now available on download page and please read this post first. http://www.socratestheme.com/downloads/version-2-0-beta-released/

  286. Steven Rowen says:

    Hey Dan,
    I downloaded & Uploaded 2.0, everything went smoothly except my sidebar widgets are half way down the page. The widgets seem to be set up right but not showing where I want.

  287. Dan Nickerson says:

    Steven, could you just use the contact form to shoot me your website address so I can take a look? If anyone has an issue with 2.0 and want me to take a look please use the contact form and submit your URL and wordpress login if you’d like to check it out.

  288. Dan Nickerson says:

    Steven, I just had this happen to me on an upgrade as well in FF, but once I reloaded page it popped back up for good. Will mention it to programmer.

  289. Bettina says:

    Hi guys:

    I’m not a programmer – so at the top of faq when someone requests deleting search box – you say ‘comment out’ search box. Exactly what does that look like in the header.php?


  290. Bettina says:

    Hi guys:

    How do I find the RSS for my wordpress site?

  291. Dan Nickerson says:

    Bettina, I’ll put a tutorial on this in the forum, but basically at bottom of header.php you’ll see a search box code. You just remove the code from opening div to closing div. (make sure you have backup first)

  292. Dan Nickerson says:

    The simplest way to find your exact path is to just drag a “meta” widget to your sidebar. Your feed urls are listed there. If you setup postname permalinks your rss path is: http://www.yourdomain.com/feed/

  293. Bettina says:

    hi guys:

    thanks for your help.

    another question – how would I add a photo 300 px x 400 to sidebar?

  294. Dan Nickerson says:

    Bettina, you really should join our new forum and submit questions there now. http://www.socratestheme.com/forum/ it will be much more organized and full of information as more and more people contribute. You just need to add a text widget to your sidebar and place image html code to that widget for example: #img src=”http://yourimagelocation.com”# replace # with < and >

  295. Bettina says:

    Sorry guys:

    Thanks…I’ll do that now.

  296. Fiona says:

    Hi Dan,
    I see you’re doing a webinar with Brian Johnson tomorrow. I’m writing to remind you to ask him about the outbound linking on our blogs. I’m very curious!
    Many thanks and have a great webinar!
    Fiona 🙂

  297. Paul says:

    Dan, this theme is really great! I am really pleased with what I have so far. I used Headway for a while and it was really not a great theme except for they had a section on the Headway C panel where you could plug in snippets of code in different areas of the theme. Before body, after body and so on. It made it easy for me being relatively new to do some pretty tricky things. If I were to place a java snippet from Aweber for an optin light box that pops up after the visitor starts checking out the post where would I put the code? Again you are doing an amazing job answering all these questions and If you have already answered this question I apologize. Here’s my website and the changes to date. http://www.themoneyshark.com

  298. Dan Nickerson says:

    Paul, you can add code before the closing body tag in Socrates in the layout panel and we’ll add a header code section in next release. You can the aweber javascript in the footer.html, it will load last but will still load and display. Thanks for the link to your site.. just remember those sidebar widgets are our defaults. You can drag more into the sidebar and overwrite ours.. you should at least have a “recent posts”

  299. Glenn says:

    I’m trying to move around Widgets in a 3 column layout but nothing works.

    I don’t want Pages, Archives, Categories to appear in the right most sidebar.

    How do I change this?

  300. Dan Nickerson says:

    Glenn, are you saving the widgets after you drag them to sidebar? Do you have wp super cache running? Because they won’t show if you do.

  301. Glenn says:

    I just drag and drop them in the various containers. How do you get rid of Pages, Archives, Categories?

  302. Dan Nickerson says:

    Glenn, I’ve responded to this already. You need to drag, drop and “Save.” If you’re not saving each widget by clicking the blue “save” button they won’t appear.

  303. Glenn says:

    Thanks. Got it. Seems like dragging a different widget in the Optional Sidebar gets rid of Pages, Archives, Categories and replaces it with my widget.

  304. Glenn says:

    Here is a knit picky thing. The 728×90 Monetization Bar image cuts off a small part of the theme border on the left side making it look white. I put the code in Ad Block #1. Also, what is Ad Block #2 and Ad Block #3 for?

    Can I extend the 728×90 Monetization Bar all the way across where the Custom Display Units are supposed to be?

  305. Dan Nickerson says:

    Glenn, can you send the URL so i can see what you mean? And is it possible that you could start using the forum for these questions? http://www.socratestheme.com/forum This really isn’t an FAQ. The extra blocks are to rotate other ad codes.

  306. Alan Engel says:

    Hi Dan,

    Yesterday I installed V1.1 on a new site and had done some formatting but no content (put in the title, changed the header and background). Today I installed V. I deleted V1 and installed then activated V2. Once I installed V2 I went to check on the site and I have no header.

    When I tried to select a header to add, I got nothing in the preview and nothing was added to the site.

    I went through all of the set up panels and re-selected and saved everything. I also removed my previous install from my cPanel then re-installed V2.

    I looked inside the Socrates header-images folder and there is nothing there.

    I downloaded V2 a second time then re-installed it, same thing.

    Any thoughts on what could be my issue?



  307. Dan Nickerson says:

    Allan, the headers are all loaded dynamically now. We’re having some issues with Chrome so if you have a different browser please try that… If not, can you send me access so I can take a look? Just use the contact form.

  308. Tim Miller says:

    Hi Dan,

    Got a problem here hope you can help?

    I got everything configured but when I get to the home page it just has the blank theme? I save everything in the setup.

    But when I go to the about page everything is fine? Looks great. Why is the home page not configured like the about me page?

    What em I doing wrong? Can you please help.

    Thanks in advance,

    -Tim M
    Here is the url: http://www.costofcarinsurance.net/
    If you click the about it looks fine? But not the home page?

  309. Dan Nickerson says:

    You’re using Wp Super Cache.. you need to disable it to see changes.

  310. Fiona Mary says:

    Hi Dan.
    I see a lot of questions coming through, where you reply with the question, “are you running the WP Supercache Plugin?”
    This may be helpful information for people using Hostgator as their blog site hosting account.
    If you use Fatastico to put up your blog in Hostgator, they will, by default, have the WP Supercache Plugin installed in your blog.
    So if this Plugin causes so many issues, it may be an idea to go straight to the Plugin section on the Dashboard and disable it as soon as your blog is up.
    Thought this might help.
    Again…great work with your support thanks Dan.
    Warm Regards, Fiona 🙂

  311. Cheryl Jones says:

    Hi, I am creating a second site and as a whole am very happy with the theme. The one problem I have consistent problems with is removing the widgets. I have gone and rmoved this from the php area….. Optional Widget Right
    Setup via Dashboard Widgets
    and saved the changes (I did the Left and Center one as well, just pasting one example here) and the widgets still show…

    I did not see spoken of in FAQs
    In Appearance > Editor you can click on the Widget php files and delete the code between and to make them empty. Or just drag widgets to them to overwrite existing content.

    A third way I tried to get rid of them was drag an empty text box to them and save the empty text box. This did not work either. Please help.

    Nothing worked. I appreciate your help on this.

  312. Cheryl Jones says:

    Sorry, I miswrote the above, I didn’t see the …In Appearance > Editor you can click on the Widget php files and delete the code between and

  313. Cheryl Jones says:

    the and guess it was a copy and paste problem…didn’t see that code

  314. Cheryl Jones says:

    html code is not showing up here list and /list I don’t see that code in the php–I’ve tried 3 times to write that and it won’t show, if you had an edit button, I would use it.

  315. Dan Nickerson says:

    Cheryl, Version 2 solves the widget issue. Please post other questions on our forum http://www.socratestheme.com/forum

  316. James L Murphy says:

    Aloha Dan & Joel,
    Re: Headder Display issue with Soc-2.0

    First – thank you guys, very much for this incredible
    “marketers” WP theme. I was last in discovering this, but bought it immediately (and vigorously promoting via Ck-Bank)

    Okay- I successfully installed Soc-2.0, went through the “socratic” set up approach, but Headder,nor background colors will dispay. I read through the FAQ several times and couldn’t quite figure out how to resolve this? I’m sure it’san easy fix I’m missing (due to being such a novice) I’ve been stumped for hours and, but have to seek assitance at this point.
    Hopefully it’s a quick fix (and I just fumbled somewhere along the line) Any suggestion or assistance would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks Gentleman!!!!

  317. Dan Nickerson says:

    James, we do encourage users to post on the forum now. Make sure you save your panels, and make sure you don’t have wp super cache running. If that doesn’t work can you send your URL. Here’s the forum link http://www.socratestheme.com/forum

  318. James L Murphy says:

    Dan – thanks for the lightning response!! I’ll use the Forum from here on. it!!!!

  319. Paul Taylor says:


    I am just interested in making the theme look like a website and not a blog – is this easy to do.

    I have to mess around with the editor in WP to get rid of blocks and columns which is messy. Can yours easily be made to look like a site and not a blog.



  320. Dan Nickerson says:

    Paul, can you give an example of what you feel a website looks like these days? It’s hard to find them anymore. We also have a forum now at: http://www.socratestheme.com/forum/

  321. Duane says:

    Hey Dan,
    I have the same question as Paul Taylor above me.
    Here is my newbie progress:
    Socrates is potentially great from the offline marketing craze…
    I think this website look may be simple to accomplish with the Socrates 2.0 New Templates (If I could find them).
    (Salespage, No Sidebar, Squeeze, Contact Form.To use: Create new page then select “Template” from right hand drop down menu).

    Dan, I don’t see any drop down menu to see this new squeeze page template. Please elaborate on this new 2.0 squeeze page use and location…

    Incidentally, Since Im trying to make my Socrates Blogs look like websites how could I remove the following author and date line(from top)?
    “By Dan Nickerson on Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 | 321 Comments”
    Its not appearing on my BrooklynSecurityWindowGates.com
    site but I can’t figure out how to remove this line from my 2nd(VerrazanoBayRidgeLocksmith.com)site…
    Thank You, Duane

  322. Dan Nickerson says:

    Duane, these questions are answered on the forum. We are really trying to get users to utilize the forum to save time and get support. http://www.socratestheme.com/forum The templates will appear when you try to add a new page.

  323. Orlando says:

    How do I get rid of “Please configure in Socrates Admin Panel”


    Thank you


  324. Dan Nickerson says:

    Click on the link and save your navigation panel which is configured in the Socrates Admin Panel. This is answered above as well.

  325. Duane says:

    I know you’re still working on this, I’m a newbie as well…
    I looked at your site…
    Your business doesn’t zero in on one thing…
    Is it equities?
    Is it Property?
    U Sell Fast sounds slippery when referring to peoples finances…
    I would suggest you do separate sites for each different niche and give an established sounding business name and URL for each…
    Also pick a darker background with more contrast to the white page
    Good Luck


    Dan – I got my header up! I didn’t know what you meant by:
    “rename your path to just /socrates/” nor was I sure as to what a “path” even is. But what worked was, I deleted the Socrates theme from WordPress Admin back office and then reinstalled it and then the header came up.

    But now I have a new challenge: In the WP / Socrates Admin panel I can get the text of my header and the subtext to the desired size and left justified, just like I want it and then I save it. But the changes don’t show up in the header on the website see http://www.Awarenessu.com And interestingly when I go back to the Admin Panel the changes are still there just like I want them to be. Any suggestions as to how I can what I saved the Admin Panel to show itself on the website?

    Thanks again I really love this theme. It’s an answer to prayer.

  327. Mark Lucas says:

    Using beta version.

    Everything seems to be ok till I get to header. I am able to upload and use my own header ok but when I try to load one of your I get this error…

    Warning: file_get_contents() [function.file-get-contents]: URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration in /home/mrlucas1/public_html/wp-content/themes/socrates/functions.php on line 1198

    Warning: file_get_contents(http://socratesheaders.s3.amazonaws.com/nature/Sunset_1.jpg) [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: no suitable wrapper could be found in /home/mrlucas1/public_html/wp-content/themes/socrates/functions.php on line 1198
    Your changes have been made.

    Why am I getting this?


  328. Dan Nickerson says:

    Mark, did you upload via FTP or the dashboard? Might be a permissions problem. I would recommend you reintall Socrates via dashboard if via http://FTP.. Activate default theme, delete Socrates then reupload and activate.

  329. Dan Nickerson says:

    Christopher, disable Wp super cache.. and also check out forum for questions like this.. http://www.socratestheme.com/forum/

  330. Mark Lucas says:


    I uploaded via dashboard first time. I went ahead and switched to another theme, deleted socrates, uploaded again via dashboard, everything was successful. Activated the socrates theme again and tried changing the header but still have the same problem and same error messages.


  331. Dan Nickerson says:

    Mark, can you send me your login privately via the contact form and I will check it out. Also see if it happens in different browsers.

  332. Robert Sinclair says:

    Hi Dan. I downloaded Socrates and had a play. All OK. Logged out and after logging back in Socrates has VANISHED! Tried to redownload and got message that file was already there. Where should I look? Rob.

  333. Erick Westcott says:

    I am having the same problem as Mark and followed the same steps as Mark…

    Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif
    Warning: file_get_contents() [function.file-get-contents]: URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration in D:\Hosting\3828568\html\gelousynails\wp-content\themes\socrates\functions.php on line 1198

    Warning: file_get_contents(http://socratesheaders.s3.amazonaws.com/health/yoga.jpg) [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: no suitable wrapper could be found in D:\Hosting\3828568\html\gelousynails\wp-content\themes\socrates\functions.php on line 1198

  334. Dan Nickerson says:

    We’ve discovered that some webhosts have disabled the php method we use to pull the banners. As we work on a workaround for this you can download the chosen header to your hard drive an then upload with the header uploader.

    This is a temp solution.. we’re working on the problem.


    Whee are the sales page templates? And the Squeeze page templates to be found?


    How do I post an article under the tabs of the new menu bar that Socrates provides, on my blog http://www.fivefoldfredom.com ?

  337. Yvonne says:

    When I try to select a header (they all show up as well as my uploaded ones) I get the following error, even though it says changes made when i try to save it. I have changed the permissions on the themes to 777 temporarily but it didn’t help as you can see on my website http://www.platinummarketingservices.co.uk

    Message: Permission denied

    URI: http://banx.socratestheme.com/headers/headerpicker.php?baseupload=http://platinummarketingservices.co.uk/wordpress/wp-content/themes/socrates/header-images/uploads/&images=PlatinumB.png,

    BTW Christopher – when you select new blog post you get the template option (squeeze pages and sales pages) from the dropdown menu on the right hand side

  338. Dan Nickerson says:

    Christopher, can you please post questions in our support forum. http://www.socratestheme.com/forum

  339. Dan Nickerson says:

    Yvonne, can you post questions like this in the forum? My guess would be you installed via FTP and I recommend you install via WordPress dashboard. This will make sure the permissions are all accurate.

  340. Mark Lucas says:

    Hi Dan –

    Re your post at 9:59 PM on June 20 – I just sent you my info over via the contact form.

    I use Firefox but yes I did try it in IE 7 with the same results.


  341. Cathy says:

    I just discovered another cool feature of Socrates. The great 404 page!

    Someone was giving instructions about how to customize it on a blog so I just checked mine and was pleasantly surprised to see the search bar and the list of posts on the 404 page. That’s awesome!

    Also I want to thank you Dan, for yet again, helping me with the problem on my site.

  342. john t. says:

    ok, I have socrates, the problem: Unable to use the background images. I select, double click the image wanted. The above format to display the image does not change, just stays blank.

    What to do, uninstall it and reinstall it?

  343. admin says:

    John, this is a better question for the forum. You didn’t give your website, or the version you are using.. So my first guess would be Wp super cache installed, second guess would be you’re using Version 1.2 and didn’t save all your panels. If this doesn’t help please register and post on the forum.. Also read our troubleshooting tips and FAQ page.

  344. Nick says:

    I just switched out one of my sites from the Cutline theme to Socrates and the main body and side bar has shifted to the left. It isn’t lined up with the outline borders as it should be. What do you think it could be? Some coding on an in particular file or something?
    Please let me know…

    Thank you

  345. Robert Sinclair says:

    Hi. Uploaded socrates as zip, so no FTP problems. Saved all settings, created header and saved. But, text has saved although very small and no stock image. I resaved all settings, new header and saved, and still get same pale blue header with tiny text. Rob.

  346. Robert Sinclair says:

    Solved it. I logged out and logged in. Remade header and it saved.

  347. admin says:

    Nick, sorry this comment got filtered so just got it. Can you register and post this issue on our forum? http://www.socratestheme.com/forum/

  348. James L Murphy says:

    Aloha Dan And Socrates Team!

    Re: Soc-Final 2.03 Install | Layout Page disapeared!!??
    *Unable to Troubleshoot
    *Kindly Requesting assistance, please

    Sorry for deviating from posting in Forum, as I registered this morning, but have not been granted permissions yet to post.

    My URL is http//www.hawaiimortgageadvisor.com/

    Issue: Major interruption on My Home Page , right below the fold (Aweber Code is plastered within post on my Home page. Also, within SOCRATES set-up menu-sequence in WordPress, The “LAYOUT” page is completely Blank, therefore unable to remove Aweber Code, which appears to be causing interruption.

    Of Note:
    *This occured after I installed Soc Final 2.03 today.*
    *When I switch to other WordPress themes, this interruoption is not present at all.*

    Is there a perhaps a fix, within the Socrates .php scripts via Editor?

    Please take a gander when able. I have verbally committed to launching this site, by this upcoming Monday, and I’m afraid to continue with adding my Content, in fear that this web page interruption will persist.

    Please advise. Much Appreciated!

    P.S. I’ve successfully launched 3 micro-niche money sites so far, and I LOVE Socrates!!! Thank YOU!!

    Warm Aloha,
    James in Honolulu

  349. Jay says:

    Font size gradually gets smaller and smaller from header to footer until it’s unreadable. Managed to fix it in Chrome, IE, Opera but in Firefox it still remains the same. I re-uploaded the style.css so it’s back to the original. Any idea how to fix this?

    I don’t have and cache plug ins installed and have tried reinstalling the theme and wordpress and still no luck.

  350. admin says:

    It doesn’t gradually get smaller but there is a set font size which can be changed in style.css You really should post this on the forum and our moderators and support staff can assist.

  351. Jay says:

    Hey Dan,

    First I’d like to say thanks for the speedy response.

    I managed to fix the font problem by disabling all plug ins and going through them one by one turned out to be a signature plug in caused the font to mess up.


    p.s will post on forum next time!

  352. Michael Seelye says:

    Hi Dan;

    Just a couple quick questions:
    1- Do you plan to introduce adsense blocks for the side bars, or will I have to use a plugin for this?

    2- Where do the blocks display if I paste HTML in the Custom Products HTML Blocks?

    3- I am using a static Homepage & have my google analytics code in the HTML for that page> Do I still need to input the code in the layout page? If I do will this break the theme?

    Thanks, Michael

  353. admin says:

    1. We recommend Text Widgets for sidebar and widget ad blocks. Much more control for the user, and one less plugin that is needed. Just drag a text widget to sidebar and paste code.
    2. On the right side of the leaderboard ad, and they display in rotation with the social media icons.
    3. You only need to enter the analytics in the Layout field. Once you have your homepage up, simply view source to ensure the analytics code is within.

  354. Nick Motano says:

    I just want to know if the number of themes are correct, you have listed as over 200, but I don’t see over 200, also it will be nice if you add at least one of each niche, for example wireless, products, new cell phones,background colors are not enough, can you add more colors, like white background, this should be at must,but there is none, can you add few more colors specially white color?.


  355. admin says:


    We only have 1 theme. We have over 200 headers in our header manager. You need to click on each category in our header manager and scroll through them to see all. We have unlimited color headers if you use our image tool in Version 2.03. If you don’t have 2.03, I recommend you upgrade and take a closer look at our header panel. I can assure they are all there and more are coming.

  356. Nick Motano says:


    I’m sorry, I meant the color back ground themes, by the away, yes I am using the upgraded version. Can you add a white color theme?. There is no white color theme, also it will be nice if you can add more niche headers, can you?.


  357. admin says:


    Can you point to me any place we claim to have 200 themes or backgrounds? If you want a white background, or white header, you can make them in 5 seconds using our styling and header panel.

    If you’d like to continue this discussion on the forum we can talk more about how easy it is to create new designs and color schemes.


  358. Nick says:


    That’s ok, no need to go further with our discussion, it was only a simple question about the theme color, I got it, you said there is only one theme, I ask you if was possible for you to add a white color theme as well so we have more options that’s all.

    Thanks any way,

  359. RICHARD P MONTAG says:

    I found that when I use Windows Internet Explorer I can’t add a header even if i go through and hit all the save buttons but if I build my pages in firefox I don’t have a problem at all.

  360. admin says:

    Richard, can you upgrade your install to Version 2.03. That should fix

  361. Richard Dacker says:

    Hi I prepared a Privacy page for my blog and watching help video on adding pages ie contact page sales page etc, I returned to my blog add page control and I did not see choose template in there. Can you advise please.
    P.S. Have added 3 new plugins working fine. Headers working , background and styles all okay. Just this template thing thats all.

  362. admin says:

    It’s a drop down template on right hand side of page editor. The panel is titled “Attributes” and you’ll see a drop down menu that is “Default Template” by default.

  363. LA Web Group says:

    Very impressive theme, definitely a time saver. Any known plug-ins that are not compatible with Socrates?

  364. Colleen Albani says:

    Wasn’t there a “show your Socrates Site” link earlier? I’ve been learning as much from viewing other peoples’ sites as I have from reading FAQ’s and the support forum. Maybe I’m just not seeing it?

  365. Paul Hooper says:


    I am promoting Socrates theme to my list and i have somebody asking if using the theme will allow for XHTML compliant video embeds?
    I’m not sure of the answer and said i would contact you for help.

    Thanks and regards,

  366. admin says:

    Using WordPress a user can embed videos into posts, pages, widgets.. It’s not really a Socrates function, but a wordpress function. Socrates doesn’t interfere with WordPress basic functionality.

  367. Gene R Sower says:

    Hi, I posted this in the forum already with no luck so far and I’m a bit under the gun so sorry for the duplication and urgency but here goes: The background only partially loads and the whole bottom area is scrunched up but only in IE7. Background fully loads but is still scrunched up at the botton in IE8. Looks perfect in Firefox & Chrome.
    Check it out here: http://www.samsonmedia-blog.com

    NOTE: This is like my 5th Socrates site and they all look perfect in all browsers. Also, Yes, I deleted and reinstalled Socrates twice (once upgrading to 2.03 and then reinstalled that version twice, too)

    ADDITIONAL NOTE: I removed all the widgets as suggested in the forum. I have no other plugins except Asismet. No effect.

  368. James Robinson says:

    Is the forum login the same as members login. If so I
    can’t login the forum to make a post.

    I want to change the color of my navigation bar.

    I’m thinking that I go to Editor then style.css and probably the section that is

    /* ————————————- Navigation ———————————————————– */

    inside the images folder I see


    only topFade.png shows up in the style sheet.

    my client wants the nav bar to be green so I figured that I would duplicate pic files and rename them change the colors place them in the images folder and modify the style.css.

    I’m not clear as to what to do for the roll over changes.


  369. Hassan Aryamand says:

    I have three questions:
    1)_ I would like to creat blog post on any topics without writing anything. should i purchase “Auto blogged” or “WP Robot” plugin? Do you know “Socrates”
    supports above auto bloggers plugin or already these plugins included in program- or do you recommand any other options.

    2)- Recently I added a “contact us” form from 3rd party vender. Then i noticed it caused all “TEXT” changed to “blue” color. My question is “how to chage
    all text to their default color” Black”.

    3)- How to add image(s) (picture) into widgets?
    or adding images to “right bar.


  370. Steve CP says:

    Hi Dan, I am trying to create a RSS feed. I managed to install the feed (can see the logo splashing). However, when i clicked on the icon, a page populated out with the follow message:

    This Connection Is Untrusted
    You have asked Firefox to connect securely to mydomain name but we cant confirm that your connection is secure.

    Normally, when you try to connect securely, sites will present trusted ID to prove that you are going to the right place. However, this site’s ID cant be verified.

    Dan, did I install in error?


  371. Dan Nickerson says:

    Steve, I’m not familiar with the error on an RSS feed.

    Perhaps you can start a forum thread on this.. it’s not really relevant to our FAQ page. Also if you google the error you’ll find a lot of info. It’s got nothing to do with Socrates, but feel free to post more info and your link on the forum.

  372. Daniel Dawson says:

    I having a hardtime finding the button to upload a new theme. I start new wordpress account then I go to tools to delete it, then afterwards I cannot find under appearnce anything that will allow me to upload a new theme. What am I doing wrong?

  373. Dan Nickerson says:

    Sounds like you’re hosted on WordPress.com. If so you can’t install outside themes on WordPress.com. You need to have your own domain and hosting to use a premium theme.

  374. Daniel Dawson says:

    Ahh that makes sense! Ok I was wondering about that! I will knock it out! Thanks

  375. Daniel Dawson says:

    OK still having the same problem. Did I do this right? I signed up through WP a domain. I di not see the option for hosting unless I over looked it.


  376. Jeff Cuckson says:


    Trying to sort out the socrates theme for a new site at:


    However I cannot seem to get rid of the blank area below the header which contains the “728×90 HTML Advertising Code”

    Can you please help

  377. Dan Nickerson says:

    Just goto Socrates > Layout and turn off the top ad bar.

  378. Jeff Cuckson says:


    Many thanks. Sorted

  379. Diana Smith says:

    I’m sorry. I’ve had header problems since I first installed. I even uninstalled and tried again. I’ve saved everything, I’m using a preloaded header, I even made sure there’s only one socrates folder.

  380. Dan Nickerson says:

    Diana, did you see our post in the forum with all the header solutions. http://www.socratestheme.com/forum/showthread.php?t=495

  381. Howard A Wilson says:

    Dan How do I activate my bottom navigation to bring up my Meta information, such as Log-in,Log-out, Site Admin like you have it here. Mine are just blank.

  382. Dan Nickerson says:

    Watch our widgets video in the member’s area..

  383. Ron Redner says:

    Dan, I want to include an Aweber form on the Top side bar for ALL of my pages and posts, just like on Joel’s site.

    At present, I have created a special squeeze page and I need to send visitors to that page to subscribe. IA form on every page seems like a better idea. Please tell me what to do.

  384. Dan Nickerson says:

    Ron, just watch minute 4 of our Widgets video. We also cover this in the forum.

  385. aleck mafu says:

    I just got a trial version and can not get my theme activated it says copy your given code which I don’t have,Where is the code to copy?

  386. Dan Nickerson says:

    On the download page above the download link.

  387. Rebecca Happy-Narouz says:

    can I use this theme to build a site for a brick and mortar business?

  388. Dan Nickerson says:


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