Socrates Installation Video

In this video I’ll show you how to upload and install Socrates to your WordPress dashboard.

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  1. Robin Davies says:

    Watching the installation video I see that my installation has nothing showing under “Layout Options” – just a blank area.

    Is my installation faulty?



  2. admin says:

    Robin, we had one other person mention this problem but we haven’t been able to duplicate it. It either has to do with a corrupted zip file, or a host setting that’s causing a problem with our functions file.

    If you could use our contact form and let us know who your webhost is, and what your browser and operating system is we can try and correct the problem. Perhaps you could send us your login as well.

    Thanks and sorry for the problem.

  3. Robin says:

    Hosting: HostGator
    Browser: Slim Browser (

    (login info hidden)

  4. admin says:


    I logged into your account and can see the layout information with no problem in Firefox. I’m not familiar with Slim Browser, and we only test with the major browsers. Do you have a major browser you can access with? FF, IE, Safari, or Chrome?

  5. Robin says:

    You’re not familiar with Slim Browser!? Only joking. It uses the IE engine and I’ve used it for years. It provided tabbed browsing long before FF was a twinkle in Mosaic’s eyes. You’re talking to somebody who actually purchased their own copy of NetScape.
    I wouldn’t call either Chrome or Safari a “major” browser with only 7.99% usage for Chrome and 4.18% for Safari as of April 10.

    Anyway, it all works in IE8, so I can live with that. You’ll not get me switching to FF any time soon. You get cranky at my age…. :o)

    Thanks for your help.


  6. admin says:

    Robin, I actually remember when you came online.. all of us on Prodigy got the notification.

    The thing about Chrome and Safari is that they are rapidly gaining market share… while IE is dropping fast.. The only time I’ve used IE in the last 7 years or so is to check compatibility. FF is my choice for the fast load time, plugins and stability.

  7. Kevin Bauer says:

    I have uploaded the theme twice – once through the wordpress dashboard and once via FTP. Theme allows me to change layout and will allow changes to be made and saved in background and header etc. Text changes saved but all other formating does not take effect.Battled all of yesterday no joy. Hosted with Hostgator and using WP2.9.2

    Had another go at it now and it worked like a charm and displays in FF and IE8 just fine. Don’t know what the hickup was but what ever it was it’s gone.



  8. admin says:

    Kevin, I’m sorry you spent so much time on this.. We mention this on the dashboard splash page (labeled Important) and in the FAQ. You just need to click through each tab and save to ensure that Socrates is setup correctly and loads your changes.. In the next update we’ll remove this feature, but during development we thought it would ensure that our users had everything setup before launching their site.

  9. Kevin Bauer says:

    Thanks for your concern. I did save after each edit and got the comment – your changes have been saved and the saved edits appeared on the dashboard – going to view the site – even after refreshing took me to an unchanged page. I thought maybe my download was corrupt or my webhost was a problem or maybe one of the plugins on the site was a problem – i run about 14 plugins on that site – but anyway today all ok. Today I’m gonna put it onto a new site so hopefully whatever mistake i was making is history
    I like the versatility of the site and especially the banner on the top of the post. Could do with some more headers I think.



  10. Robin says:

    Prodigy? Hah! That wasn’t available over here in the UK, but anyway, it didn’t start until 1988 when I’d been online for 3 years. I told you I was old… :o)

  11. Lin Ennis says:

    I had the same problem Robin mentioned a couple posts back: changing the header picture and text, saving, viewing, and while the text showed up, the picture remained the default for perhaps half a dozen saves and refreshes. Finally got the picture to show…ahhh, no older people under the people tab, so I’m showing a chair? hahaha (Need to put vertical space between the title and tagline…any way to do that?)

    Is there a forum? Thought I saw that but can’t find it.

    What I want is a list of steps or videos numbered, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 = you’re all done. I can’t categorize my questions about setting up your theme as to whether they are WordPress questions or Internet Marketing questions. They’re Socrates questions!

  12. admin says:

    It’s almost always a save issue with the styling or background tab. If you chose no background, try saving a background then going back to no background. This will be fixed in next release.

    To add spacing between title and description edit the header.php. You’ll see a margin setting for title text. Try changing the last margin from 0px to 10px..

    No forum yet, I was waiting to see how successful the theme was first.. And it will probably become a necessity before too long.

    I’ll make a new post today about installation and troubleshooting. This will be a better place to leave comments until we create a forum.

  13. David Peters says:

    I do not have a “Add New Theme” option under my Appearance options on my WordPress dashboard. My only selections are Widgets, Extras, Background, Header, Typekit Fonts and Edit CSS. Help? What do I do?

  14. Dan Nickerson says:

    David, sounds like you’re using, and do not have your own domain. If you are using for your primary online business, then you really need to look into getting your own domain and hosting. It’s the only way to use Socrates, and gives you ownership of your content, more monetization possibilities and the ability to sell your site

  15. Roy Maul says:

    I really like this theme and it’s flexibility. I just have a couple of questions.

    1) Is there a way to eliminate sidebars altogether?
    2) How do I eliminate the 3 “Optional Widget”s messages from the footer area?

    I tried to find the new post about installation and troubleshooting you spoke of on April 20. As you mentioned it would be a better place to leave comments until a forum is created.

  16. Dan Nickerson says:


    1. Not in the current version, but in the next version there will be.. That being said, it’s possible for an advanced user to customize a page template and the css to make a no-sidebar template.

    2. You can either drag blank text widgets into the spaces, or you can edit the widget files in Appearance > Editor to remove the current text. You can also edit CSS to minimize that space.

    Sorry haven’t posted that yet… I keep adding to FAQ instead and added an autoresponder for new members designed to help with issues.

  17. Roy Maul says:

    Thanks, Dan,

    You’re answer to my 1st question is the way I’m used to making those kind of changes. However, there is no page.php file listed in the Socrates theme.

    Now what?

    The solution to #2 was just what I needed.

    Thanks again!

  18. Dan Nickerson says:


    I really don’t want to confuse other customers by elaborating on this…. especially as it will be a feature in an upcoming release. But read this page for information on how to get started. This and some custom css is all you need.

  19. Velika Hong says:

    I already upload socrates, but unable to see any option under layout option…it just blank. Hope to get some help here. I am using IE 8 and host gator.
    Hope to get some help here.THANKS

  20. Dan Nickerson says:

    Velika, some customers are having issues viewing the layout tab in IE8 and we’ll be resolving in next update. In the meantime if you can load in any other browser, you can set layout options for now and then go back to IE8.

  21. Kenneth Bruce says:


    I installed socrates with no problems. I changed layout, navigation, header and background as well as added clickbank ID and html etc….
    I made sure to press save after each option but when I load the site it still shows the original basic Socrates site without my changes. I refreshed many times and even tried to open in another browser(IE8 and Firefox) and my changes do not show up.
    Not sure how to proceed.

  22. Dan Nickerson says:

    You didn’t mention style.. If this happens it has to be one of the panels that didn’t get saved. I would start with the style. And if you’re not using a background try saving one, then changing back to No, and saving.

  23. Kenneth Bruce says:

    I went back in the morning and everything appeared OK so there you have it!

  24. Alexander Torp says:

    Trying to upload the Socrates theme to my website, like in your video, but it ’s just saying “The uploaded file could not be moved to /home/alextorp/public_html/alextorp/blogging/wp-content/uploads/2010/05″
    I have tried EVERYTHING I can think of(I think), and I am REALLY EAGER to try this out. Could you please help me????

  25. Dan Nickerson says:


    Did you read the FAQ on this? It’s a popular question so it’s displayed right at the top of FAQ page

    When trying to upload theme I get the error: “The uploaded file could not be moved to” How do I Fix?

    This problem is usually caused by a permission error in your directory structure, or a bad setup in your WordPress dashboard at: Settings > Miscellaneous

    The fastest way to solve this is to just use FTP. You can unzip the Socrates file to your desktop, then FTP the socrates folder to the theme directory. wp-content/themes/

    The next way would be to use your domain’s file manager to upload zip file to themes directory and select it and click “extract”. It will then be available to activate in WordPress dashboard.

    If you want to try changing permissions on your themes folder you can set themes directory to 755 to see if that solves it… if not change to 777 for upload, but change back to 755 when done.

    Finally, if you want us to install it for you we just need cpanel or ftp access. Contact us with your info.

  26. Ernesto Maitim says:

    Help please! I have my own domain and hosting, but I do not have “add theme option” in my wordpress. Perhaps I am using an old wp version? Please, what shall I do? What about FTP way? Very eager to use socrates sir..

  27. Dan Nickerson says:

    You should upgrade wordpress. If you installed via Cpanel’s fantastico you should be able to upgrade. If you installed via FTP, you can download latest version of WordPress from unzip and re-install.

  28. Ernesto Maitim says:

    follow up sir, please can you give instructions on how to install via FTP? Honestly, have little knowledge on this sir.

  29. Ernesto Maitim says:

    I am totally lost now, do you want me to upgrade my wp first sir? please tell how exactly, thanks..

  30. Dan Nickerson says:

    Ernesto, it’s only been 60 seconds… you should not be totally lost. Here’s a link to information from WordPress

    Or if you use contact form and send me your FTP and WordPress login info I can upgrade for you in 30 seconds.

  31. Ernesto Maitim says:

    okay sir, I would like to try upgrading myself but upon reading the information on the link you sent, i thought a bit complicated for me really.. I would appreciate it if I use the contact form and request for your assistance on the upgrading.. will send the ftp/wp info now thanks

  32. Dan Nickerson says:

    It’s working for me… it will rotate last though.

  33. Lesley Craine says:

    Hi Guys

    I’ve just purchased Socrates but I am unable to upload the zip file I keep getting this message please can you help?

    Unable to create directory /home/jazebuge/public_html/wp-content/uploads/2010/05. Is its parent directory writable by the server?



  34. Dan Nickerson says:

    Lesley, check out this post: also check out your settings in Settings > Miscellaneous

  35. Alan says:

    I’m very pleased with my new Socrates theme. Had it up and running with no problems and in very little time.

    I use Powerlink Generator to mask my affiliate id’s. It took a while to figure out how to mask my clickbank id in the leaderboard ads display unit.

    When setting up the theme a clickbank id is asked for to display the ads and my id could be clearly seen when hovering over or clicking on an ad. The faq ‘making top ads open in a new window’ pointed me to the right area, edit TopAds.php. (for anyone else who may have the same issue)

    Thanks for a great theme.

  36. GRAHAM TAYLOR says:

    It seems that i have downloaded incorrectly,
    i downloaded to a folder on my desktop but as i see in your video the zipfile is a folder with a zip on it, mine i a compressed clamp ? why is this ? i do not want to upload this if it will cause problems in wordpress,
    advise or help please

  37. Dan Nickerson says:

    Graham, you’re looking at an image icon.. the file is still a zip. So you’ll be fine.. If wordpress doesn’t like it, you’ll get an error message telling you so..

  38. Vernon N Ross says:

    How do I get rid of the Categories on the Right side if I want to replace that with content or something else/

  39. Dan Nickerson says:

    Just drag widgets to the primary sidebar. It will replace our default widgets

  40. Christine Moreno says:

    I just installed Socrates Beta site – I know it will be great and I’m excited to finish with the install. I installed it on an existing site I had. What I’d like help with here is how do I get small widgets to be side-by-side in the right sidebar? There’s not a right and left side to place small widgets within the wide right sidebar.
    Thank you.

  41. Christine Moreno says:

    Are there other tutorial videos other than the initial installation video? I could use some help in understanding some of the other setup fields.
    Thank you.

  42. admin says:

    Christine, we now have a support forum for these kinds of questions as well. We don’t have a side by side (east-west) sidebar placement. It is a feature we’ll be adding in an upcoming release.

  43. admin says:

    We have 4 videos which show tutorials on Version 1. we will release new videos when we release Version 2.0 fully. There are descriptions on most all the setup fields and if you specific setup questions you can post them in the forum for a fast response.

  44. Dean A Osborne says:


    Do we need to delete current version before downloading and installing new version?

  45. admin says:

    Yes, we have upgrade instructions which show how to do this…

  46. Todd Rogers says:

    incredible theme, guys! Really easy to install and set up.

  47. Valeriy Petrov says:

    Having a blast with theme!!! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!!
    Now, how can I Save custom css, headers or backgrounds to my desktop from thesis 1,7?? I guess re-installation to Socrates’s header is easy…

  48. admin says:

    Right click on images and you can usually save them. Your custom thesis css won’t necessarily work in Socrates.. Your best bet is to just copy it into a notepad file and use it as a reference.

  49. Herbert Kornblau says:

    What if once i click on “appearance” and then theme….Add New Theme isn’t showing up? Socrates is already downloaded into my computer.

  50. Dan Nickerson says:

    Either it says “Install Themes” or you’re using which it doesn’t work on as we state on order page. So click Install Themes if you see that.. if on, you need to get your own domain and hosting to use Socrates or any outside theme.

  51. deb gaston says:

    Well, I’ve made it through my second video now. Nothing has been too complicated for me (the total newbie). Again, thanks for the great Socrates tutorials here!

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