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  1. Margin Option for Bottom Left/Right Footer
  2. <H1> versus <H2>
  3. Side bar background colour
  4. Author Profile..
  5. Header image
  6. Header Image Suggestions
  7. Home icon
  8. Favicon
  9. Can We Center The LeaderBoard?
  10. Can adverts and links be made to open in new page?
  11. Implement Exit Splash Code
  12. Compatible with Fancy Excerpts plugin?
  13. Adust container width? Center column, sidebar widths?
  14. A/B Split Testing
  15. Removable "Posted By X On Y"
  16. Custom Banners for each page/post
  17. Frames Around Widgets
  18. Need a widget for drop down navigation
  19. Custom Posts And Moving Content
  20. Squeeze Page Improvements
  21. Review Plugin
  22. Coding For Dummies
  23. H1 Tag: SEO
  24. Font Control
  25. Squeeze page save as template feature
  26. A few I think must have feetures for next upgrade
  27. People Headers Are Lacking
  28. Better Header Control
  29. Flip Header Images
  30. Custom "Read More" tag
  31. wp 3.0 Menu
  32. How about opt-in forms?!
  33. Custom Search Function.
  34. Gallery theme
  35. 2 sidebars together
  36. Remove Both Sidebars
  37. Partly Transparent Background Designs
  38. Ability to Remove Page Title
  39. Monetization Bar Speed
  40. Copyright and PHP Date
  41. Facebook FAN Page
  42. Advert Widget?
  43. Breadcrumb Trail on Page Layout section
  44. Better vertical spacing around text headers
  45. Amazon aStore
  46. more css instruction or videos
  47. font changing tools built in
  48. Shopping Cart
  49. rotating sidebar
  50. 301 Redirect Page
  51. Navigation Bar
  52. Comment update
  53. Drop down Menus
  54. Blockquote Testimonial Boxes
  55. peel away ad
  56. Parent/Child
  57. "Send To Friend" Option
  58. Socrates Static site theme
  59. Car industry theme
  60. Customisable Area Widths (Without CSS)
  61. No Follow Option for Pages
  62. Pages & Margins & Wiedgets, Oh My!
  63. Professional opinion request on these features
  64. Top five feature requests
  65. Socrates for Local Business Sites?
  66. Background for Posts
  67. Different header picture for each category
  68. Change 728x90 leaderboard rotation speed
  69. Mobile Version of Socrates
  70. Wraping text around Adsense on pages
  71. Remove page borders from columns
  72. Can we add a "ribbon" of color between short posts?
  73. More control over the Comments
  74. More options in the rotating buttons to the right of the leaderboard
  75. My top 5 requests
  76. "Published On date" option
  77. Auto generation of AdSence, ClickBank and Amazon Blocks
  78. Request for sidebar widget allowing different ads for each post
  79. 728x90 Monetization Bar - Rotate up to 3 ads
  80. Option to combine the large & small top ad space as one large accross and adjustable
  81. Does anyone want a customizable slideshow added to socrates is it worth it?
  82. Header URL directing
  83. Different Headers for Different Sales Pages in the Socrates Theme
  84. Clickbank Thank You page.
  85. Buddypress?
  86. Option to remove page titles and post titles
  87. Background Options
  88. Removing Socrates Logo?
  89. Removing socrates logo?
  90. 728x90 Monetization Bar Explansion, FlexSqueeze, and AuthorityPro
  91. Limit Menu Bar Size to Within the Page Borders
  92. Re: Layout - In Post Ads
  93. Layout -Clickbank etal
  94. Rich Snippets
  95. Posting snippets of other posts on the home page...
  96. Socrates' Navigation Menu
  97. Pinterest Link Button
  98. Add Social Network Buttons to Posts
  99. Clean the code!!!
  100. Podcast entry for Social Networking Link
  101. Multilingual option
  102. Take off Big Header Banner.But Social Icons Stays
  103. Configure the viewport?
  104. Menu item on right side of main header