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  1. Page Template - Links Missing
  2. Static Home page not displayed
  3. Header selection
  4. Site Title and Meta Tags
  5. In Post Ads
  6. Mouse Over doesn't look right
  7. WP125 Plugin
  8. In Post Ads
  9. header issue
  10. Header image
  11. Login errors
  12. Auto Content Cash
  13. Pages at bottow of Sales Page do not work
  14. Unable to use any backgrounds - in 3 different browsers
  15. Upload Images / Video / Audio / Add Media not Working
  16. Top Ad not rotating
  17. 500 Internal Server Error
  18. Header Text Color
  19. Navigation
  20. Header (Home) Click
  21. Comments on Background
  22. Style changes not taking place
  23. Rotating ad-right side of header
  24. Error Message On Top Of Every Page
  25. Content Bleeds into Background Why?
  26. Disappearing posts, pages, and setting??
  27. Sidebar spills out of template
  28. Google Ads Not Showing !!!
  29. Links and Anchor text not Showing
  30. Main Body Content Not Aligned With Template Plus My Header Image Won't Change..
  31. Both Sidebars 150px Ver 2.01 Beta
  32. I Seem To Have Lost My Head(er).
  33. Chikita - Clicksor & Bidvertiser ads showing up in Post!!!
  34. Header Not Showing on Explorer...
  35. Socrates links not working?
  36. new beta version: keywords not showing up
  37. New Socrates update 2.03...header showing but not ad
  38. Newest Socrates 2.03...weird clickable headers
  39. new update cannot pick side bar and cannot enter widgets
  40. Can't login w/o error message
  41. Can't log out w/o error messages
  42. Can't get update
  43. Can't login to site anymore
  44. Theme Keeps Switching to WordPress Default Theme
  45. Auto Content Plugins
  46. Categories
  47. Can not paste ads code
  48. Full-size Leaderboard Ad issue
  49. Post Title not appearing in Posts
  50. Posts
  51. Can't place apostrophes in Title without forwardslash
  52. Can't change font size on header
  53. Header Upload Problem
  54. Clicking on a blog post title gives an error message
  55. Static Pages looking like Posts
  56. Layout changes when clicking on Author
  57. Cannot edit font color for links; just for "no-sidebars" template
  58. Ad Post Units Not Showing
  59. <div id="commentsFrame"></div>
  60. Strange header 404 errors.
  61. Socrates Custom Fields Disappearing
  62. Posting /Page Error
  63. Background image or tile will not save.
  64. Theme and Widgets not showing correctly
  65. Hi socrates header not loading
  66. h1 and h2 font sizing are backwards
  67. Socrates and Platinum SEO problem
  68. WP-PageNavi plugin not working with Socrate Theme
  69. Cannot Get to Admin Page
  70. Adsense Widget displays everywhere but Blog Pages
  71. Sexy Bookmarks and other
  72. 'curl-init()' Problem on local server - How I solved it
  73. Permalinks not working on Desktop Installation of WordPress - How I Solved them
  74. Problem When I Uploaded "Pretty Link Lite"
  75. banner ad error
  76. banner ad error
  77. Liks in navigation bar keep Un-Publishing?
  78. why do i get this error?
  79. Error when Scheduling/Posting
  80. Left footer navigation problem
  81. Socrates 2.2 Problem
  82. White Space Gap between Header Bar & 728AD blocks
  83. Widgets Not Showing in Bottom Footers
  84. Double Right Sidebars Bug
  85. Left, Center and Right Wigets won't work.
  86. Uploaded Headers not Working
  87. How to get rid of Posted in/Comments/Edit and Search box
  88. Google Search code
  89. Title and secondary title on new version
  90. Right Sidebar widgets corrupt
  91. Custom Search Error
  92. Cant add an image when editing posts
  93. Header and Subheader too small in IE
  94. Yahoo Small Business Wordpress Hosting
  95. Header Title And Subtitle blend together
  96. Side Bar has Shifted
  97. Can't click and drag widgets
  98. Widgets, Social button, Ad Rotation Bar not showing
  99. Header Text too small in browser
  100. Need to remove info under each post like post info
  101. Problem when adding ads after each post !
  102. sidebar ??
  103. Back-ground Image Problem
  104. Google Search Box Problem
  105. Problem with Ad Space
  106. Plugin Header issue
  107. Optional sidebar "bug"
  108. Author Page Showing Other Author's Posts
  109. Header Display Issue - Banner displaying as 940 pixels in IE
  110. Why is script showing above my header?
  111. Theme is auto shrinking on mobile devices
  112. Text is overlapping (picture attached)
  113. Added Custom CSS to remove dropshadow and background is gone
  114. Here's a broken link
  115. Socrates custom fields
  116. Unable to add background image in v2.2
  117. Contact form behaves strangly
  118. Exploitable timthumb.php file(s)
  119. 2 Comment Boxes Showing on Pages
  120. Is there problem with the Socrates platform?
  121. I see other threads about this outbound link problem but no solution
  122. Can't download version 2.3
  123. CPALead spotlight tool not working with Socrates
  124. SexyBookMarks and Top Line Problem
  125. problems isntalacion
  126. Problem with Socrates Sites
  127. Beta version 3.0 Styling Settings Bug
  128. Can't upload a custom header
  129. Version 3.01 Styling Settings Bug
  130. Main Header Theme Color Picker Not Working
  131. Sub-directory bugs
  132. Problem with color picker and font sizing & header pic
  133. CSS Errors
  134. leaderboard ad bug
  135. blog is producing the full article instead of a summary
  136. Cannot change Page Title
  137. Wishlist and below header navigation hyperlinks
  138. Menu Setup and Pages Not Working Properly
  139. Magazine 1 template display 2 posts per page by default
  140. Comments area too wide
  141. Theme error!
  142. Publishing Post Problem.
  143. Cannot change title text color in Firefox
  144. Not a bug, just a theme question
  145. Hidden Text generated by Socrates theme
  146. Menu Dissapears at certain pages
  147. Bouncing banners?
  148. Custom "Read More..." link text don't work properly
  149. Bullets disappeared with wrap ads at posts
  150. Theme Error - Please help!
  151. Header image does not fit exactly
  152. Problem with 728x90 Monetization Bar - Rotate up to 3 ads
  153. Header text font styles revert to default with any changes to header.
  154. Malware in the theme?
  155. Information on Ip Blocked error
  156. Page and category not appear
  157. no header no css on the page
  158. Activation Key
  159. Performance bug?
  160. Jquery not running properly
  161. Problem with header when unchecking "Show author" in settings
  162. MaxBlogPress Subscribers Magnet loading too often (with every page load)
  163. Header Text Colors in new update
  164. Headline Formatting Issues When Using TCB
  165. Show author, date and comments link below title on individual post pages doesn't work
  166. Footer.php error
  167. Footer Queries and default latest post content display issue for socrates 4.0
  168. The Amazon Ad does not appear on my post
  169. New blog - verification section did not appear