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  42. Can you put a video in the sidebar?
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  45. OMG Where do I edit the HTML
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  49. Social Network Sharing
  50. adding a background pic behind adsense
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  52. Peel Away Ad
  53. Make archives display more posts!
  54. Posting on Home Page and Setting dates
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  59. Socrates With Datafeedr Plugin
  60. The line: Comments Off on a page
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  65. make the blog title a hyperlink on all pages including home
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  70. Customizing Header Height w/ CSS
  71. Header Right Ad
  72. Indenting Title and Description Text in Header
  73. Header Title Tag Modification
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  96. traslate some words.
  97. Need custom css
  98. Different sidebar for blog
  99. How and Where to Change the Look of the Main Navigation (making pages stand out)
  100. thumbnails
  101. Page Border
  102. Featured Post Boxes
  103. Banner Rotator
  104. Change the "read more" option
  105. Rrotating banners feature
  106. How can I delete the text "Archive for The" and "Category" from the category title?
  107. How can I delete the date from all posts?
  108. How can I delete the date from all the posts?