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  4. adsense search box
  5. CSS Modifications
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  9. Changing Background
  10. Line Breaks Magically Appear
  11. Make sales letter template narrower?
  12. Header too small
  13. Uploading custom header
  14. how do i change the page background color?
  15. Making Changes To Built In Headers
  16. how to make your own background?
  17. New Header Theme Notification
  18. New Headers
  19. Wigets
  20. Where do I get banner sized free photos?
  21. Change left sidebar width
  22. remove the writings of Socrates
  23. Navigation Bar length (containing the search box)
  24. Build a Socrates site that looks like a web site rather than a blog
  25. images in widget side bar
  26. Installing Wordpress Questions
  27. CSS question
  28. How To Make A Clickable Banner
  29. How To center Image in Sidebar
  30. Changing Background Color of Custom Header
  31. CSS help with bullets and quote graphic
  32. how to change the white background in skinny sales page
  33. Custom Home Page
  34. Change Main Navigation Bar Colors
  35. Wrapping Socrates Header/Footer Around a Help Desk
  36. Navigation Panel Colors
  37. header colour
  38. Fade the background color
  39. 728x90 Monetization Bar
  40. How To Remove Space Below Header And Above Post!
  41. Date on Blog
  42. Replace the Registration Form
  43. New Premium Header Gallery
  44. Problem With Background
  45. Custom Contact Form
  46. Page Wrap or Border
  47. Header with Optin?
  48. Creating Space Around Graphics
  49. Font size in 150 side nav bars
  50. New Headers
  51. Title and Description
  52. How to make the header link back to the home page?
  53. Header Font Sizing
  54. Comment Boxes
  55. How Do U Remove Pages in Right Side Bar +
  56. coding
  57. Tracking Codes
  58. changing the sidebar
  59. custom color for menu element
  60. Transparent Background For Postings
  61. Advanced Page Layout
  62. Listing
  63. How Do I Insert my Own Tab Icon
  64. Background on skinny sales page
  65. How Can I Create a Gradient Background?
  66. Holiday Headers
  67. Can not upload jpg header
  68. Custom Fields
  69. How to adjust fonts/sizes of left text widget/left side bar
  70. Using header for other things
  71. Background Image Not Working
  72. Graphics Source Suggestion
  73. Custom header & H1 Tag
  74. Embedding videos
  75. Separator between Posts
  76. Showing Posts in Column blocks
  77. iTunes Badge
  78. Leaderboard Banners
  79. Premium Headers now only $2
  80. "Leave a Reply" font color change
  81. Adding A Video But Not From Youtube
  82. iFrame in my support desk and vBulletin Forum
  83. Error Message When Adding Photos
  84. how to edit primary navigation below header
  85. Create an Archive Page
  86. Adding a form to my wordpress
  87. Can I use Vector Graphics type in the Socrates header?
  88. Switching the sequence order of my categories
  89. Turn off description in header
  90. New custom Photoshop header
  91. Copying Header
  92. Embedding the desired size utube video
  93. Unwanted words.
  94. Edit html
  95. New Valentines Day Headers
  96. Add Multiple Banner Ads To In Post Ad (Top)
  97. Contact form 7
  98. nofollow
  99. Choose your Free Premium Header
  100. In Post Ads
  101. How do I change copyright date?
  102. How do I incert favicon.ico
  103. Why my blog does not look good in IE and Chrome?
  104. Move search box and modify
  105. activation code in my tag line! cannot remove
  106. upload own banner ad in 728X90
  107. headers disappeared
  108. My Article is on big paragraph.
  109. Uploaded New Banner - Where is IT?
  110. Designing own leaderboard ads banners
  111. MySpace Icon
  112. How to move the description text down.
  113. Category on the side
  114. Socrates Theme Layout
  115. Can't Change Page Background
  116. Footer Size
  117. hyperlink color
  118. Download Page
  119. Change title desc using google font plugin
  120. Split Testing of Headers?
  121. Top Squeeze PSD Header for squeeze page template
  122. Hi Can I make my header Wider in Socrates 2.0?
  123. Post Background Color
  124. Adjusting Line Space
  125. Navigation bar
  126. Gap below Header won't go away!
  127. Alt Attribute
  128. Cannot get page to format into paragraphs
  129. Can't upload photo
  130. Clickable Header!!!
  131. Header doesn't change
  132. Text background ?
  133. fonts, highlighting, etc.
  134. Anyone have Search.php for Adsense for Search?
  135. How Do I Change the Size of the LinkedIn graphic?
  136. Help Please on Navigation Bar!
  137. How do You Center the Leaderboard ... ?
  138. Custom Header
  139. Skinny Sales Page Navigation
  140. Changing Side Bar Width in CSS ....?
  141. Gigabytes...25K normal?
  142. Rotating header Ads, can I use jpegs
  143. Image-Problem: I want the background-attachment: fixed
  144. Logo Design
  145. Font Type
  146. Space around images
  147. how to change text color of tags and catagories in posts
  148. Wordpress Button...
  149. Selecting A Header Yields a 404 Error
  150. What's the maximum size upload for a...
  151. Header Upload
  152. Script Element Alignment
  153. CSS Changes- Header
  154. How do I upload a flash header
  155. how to get first sidebar widget to span 2 columns
  156. Renaming Pictures
  157. Custom Home Page (index.html)
  158. Upgrade and now visible tags?
  159. custom template design for Socrates
  160. How to change the width of the template?
  161. No new header?
  162. $$ Seeking Experienced Socrates Header Designer $$
  163. Post text color
  164. Logo on existing header
  165. Header option
  166. Images in header
  167. Chaning Font
  168. New headers for socrates.
  169. About Socrates Headers
  170. Need help sourcing layout/design
  171. change Side Bar colors?
  172. Hidden Buy Button?
  173. CommentLuv
  174. Changing background color of widget
  175. Socratestheme homepage Ads
  176. Custom Background
  177. Flexible Width
  178. Change the width of content area and sidebar
  179. AdSense Secrets 5
  180. Site title & tagline font / add graphic above header
  181. Separator | between menus in menu bar
  182. Multiple Problems
  183. 728x90 Monetization Bar
  184. Images not showing up in post intro
  185. Edit Header Text
  186. I want to add alt text to header http
  187. How do I insert block text?
  188. Expand Width of Socrates Content Frame
  189. Socrates Mobile theme for WP m.subdomains
  190. links & images
  191. Discrepencies in background color of my first blog post
  192. Have all blog posts show on category page
  193. Leaderboard doesn't line up
  194. Optin code inside header area
  195. Get rid of lines and bullets
  196. Transparent Header
  197. What is status of magazine layout feature?
  198. Inserting Mailchimp Signup page into Wordpress
  199. Making money from videos
  200. Images or graphics on background
  201. Google Search Box
  202. Remove 'Archive for the...' from my page heading
  203. Header Question
  204. Latest Post Visual Widget / Search Bar
  205. Comments Login Options Plugin
  206. TwentyBill Header
  207. Watery Background
  208. S3 video through JW Player
  209. How to Remove Main Nav Bar?
  210. Free Headers & Premium Headers
  211. Title has unwanted shadow
  212. Need to move table to the right a bit
  213. On Page Graphics
  214. How do I create a landing page with NO header? ie remove header completely
  215. How do I create a text box?
  216. is it possible to change the rss image via wp admin?
  217. Widget Container Colours
  218. html headers
  219. Changing bullit into an image
  220. no sidebars but footer ?
  221. Problem: How to Get the Text in the Header to Not be Pushed Together
  222. Custom Header with email optin
  223. Remove background
  224. Home page layout - want to emulate Socrates home page + featured post
  225. Header won't work!!
  226. Adding link to the very bottom of Socrates Theme
  227. Special Page
  228. Optional sidebar in sales pagetemplate
  229. How do I remove space above header?
  230. Post with No-Sidebars?
  231. Navigation buttons in sidebar
  232. Having probs placing image in Socrates 728 x 90 banner ad box
  233. Hi I am getting not found after I added menus
  234. Remove Space Between Banner and Page Body
  235. Header Slider problem
  236. Can't see textbox in all tabs
  237. Android application Design
  238. Author Pages
  239. How To Create Customize H2 Design?
  240. How do I upload and image to the sidebar?
  241. Adding Two Images for Blockquotes
  242. How to make embedded video "responsive"
  243. content transparency
  244. Is Socrates Theme designed for mobile?
  245. Background, sidebars, distance
  246. Border around the header
  247. Still unable to format H1, and H2 tags
  248. How to create a magazine layout in Socrates 4