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  1. No page template attributes in add page option
  2. Help with ads/Clickbank
  3. How do I remove the Archives & Catagories?
  4. home page doesnt come up anymore, not sure why
  5. Set up problem
  6. Browser-dependent sidebar alignment concern
  7. Removing white space where nav & search bar were?
  8. "About" Page Problem
  9. In Post Ads Problem - Saving Causes Redirect to Home page
  10. Background Function Not Working
  11. Link under header
  12. Help!
  13. Can't get custom header image to load properly
  14. No categories in primary sidebar?
  15. Site is garbled
  16. Problems with Adding Pages
  17. No Sidebar template problem
  18. Author Date and Comments Problem
  19. Where do I get help from a person who is from the support team
  20. How To Remove Pages In Sidebar!
  21. code above header distracting?
  22. Parse Error
  23. Tutorial video using page templates
  24. Socrates theme not diplaying correctly
  25. background color on skinny sales page
  26. How do I make ONLY static pages?
  27. How do I delete the Search Box from the Main Navigation Area?
  28. How do I remove the Search Box from the navbar?
  29. Search Field anomaly with Firefox
  30. Regarding RSS Feed
  31. Font Size in Side Bar
  32. Widgets Problems
  33. Sidebar Error Message
  34. Any Way to Add More Links to Primary Navigation Bar?
  35. Deletion Issue
  36. How do I delete pages from the sidebar
  37. Sexy bookmark Plugin wont display
  38. I can't upload background picture
  39. Root/Index page not showing
  40. Page order in sidebar
  41. Can't Add Footer Code?
  42. 404 page error on articles
  43. Leaderboard showing another wp theme
  44. Posts Display Day & Date!
  45. Right Hand Sidebar
  46. Can't add new image/ post on the site
  47. Adding in a Custom Footer Possible?
  48. Site map, robots txt seo
  49. Text Widget Problem - Links Won't Work in FF
  50. How to embed ebook
  51. How Can I Add An "Edit" Link To Posts?
  52. Diff sidebar per page?
  53. Not able to load background
  54. Categories and Archives
  55. How to remove comments closed
  56. How To Make Socrates Look Like A Regular Website
  57. Menu Display in "Both Sidebars"
  58. Page-Templates-Squeeze to Home Pagae
  59. Order of the Posts
  60. Missing Pages
  61. Call to undefined function get_header errors again
  62. Error when loading dashboard
  63. virus warning
  64. Replacing main blog page with Squeeze page template
  65. Home Page Redirecting
  66. How do you make a blog post sticky?
  67. Can you change the order of blog posts?
  68. Why Are My Blog Posts So Close Together?
  69. How do we put the Facebook Like Button on Our Blog
  70. Amazon html
  71. No Page Attributes
  72. Search Box
  73. Header Images in Socrates 2.03
  74. How do I make a new "index" page
  75. Missing Header Images
  76. Content in my posts is getting jammed together
  77. Home Page Error
  78. Different sidebar for each page
  79. Want my post titles to be H1!
  80. Share Plug In
  81. Custom Head Won't Upload
  82. Help needed to widen the right side bar of my Socrates Theme
  83. No upgrade options for Single Domain License holders?
  84. How do I know if I have Wp Super Cache
  85. When Creating Pages Do You Add The .html Extension?
  86. Archives to Recent Posts
  87. Can't get widgets in my sidebar
  88. Can't create squeeze page
  89. password protected pages
  90. Text / Adsense
  91. question for Jon, Dan or Phil
  92. Custom Homepage HTML Issues
  93. "older posts" link not showing up
  94. How To Save Site
  95. RSS Feed Error Page Appearing
  96. How to Disable "Like" Button on Pages
  97. Activating plugin crashed WP
  98. My "Visual" Editing Disappeared
  99. Little Help?
  100. Locating dashboard?
  101. gzip Compression and Load Speed
  102. Links not underlined in blue
  103. adding your own header and logo
  104. Opt in Form Not Directing to the Correct Redirect Page
  105. How To add Video to Sidebar
  106. Alignment of Text in Header
  107. Not showing script html widget
  108. Image in Text widget won't show in Internet Explorer
  109. Page layout all over the place
  110. How to add clickbank ad 220x90
  111. Background Doesn't Fully Load in IE 7
  112. Removing the "Website" in Comments
  113. Sites load slow
  114. Adsence won't show on homepage sidebar
  115. Done, but with errors on page
  116. Five layout options
  117. Google Reads The Widget Before The Page Content
  118. Proper dimensions for custom background image
  119. Pages
  120. Fatal error message
  121. Header won't update
  122. debug errors
  123. cant update site title
  124. Facebook "Like" Buton For Squeeze Pages
  125. Firefox Issues
  126. header problem
  127. Quick Question
  128. Why i'm getting this message The plugin does not have a valid header.
  129. Customizing the css file(s)
  130. forum
  131. Squeeze pages
  132. Upgrade
  133. Can't Register to get Download
  134. How to Remove Border from Header
  135. How to Have Text Show Inside the Search Box?
  136. Meta Tags Repeated Twice in Source Code.
  137. Socratese wont upload
  138. How to reset your .htaccess file.
  139. Can't install theme
  140. Issues Adding A More Tag
  141. Custom Background
  142. Socrates zip file upload
  143. header problem revisited
  144. bottom widgets
  145. Best affilate plugins for my own products using Socrates
  146. Adding Aweber Opt in Form
  147. Primary Navigation Bar Below Header
  148. Password Protected Pages
  149. Why is the Nav Bar Cut Off on the Left Side?
  150. Display Issue after upgrading
  151. How to shift text widget further to the right hand side
  152. remove archives widget
  153. Rss feed
  154. 500 Internal Server Error Workaround no working
  155. Newbie Just Needs Simple Template Tutorial:
  156. Uploading 2.03 Socrates
  157. Watch This Video
  158. Socrates Affiliate
  159. Need your guidance on simple page
  160. Socrates upgrade to 2.03
  161. Footer Navigation Space
  162. Author From Admin
  163. Where's my page AAHHHHh
  164. trying to supload socrates on wp3.0 new site
  165. Home page
  166. comments not showing
  167. H1 H2 H3 Size Issues
  168. Rotating Banner Problems in IE
  169. Done but with errors on page
  170. All blog links are redirecting to website!
  171. Sidebar Dissappeared
  172. Optin in form help
  173. Placing Lines In-Between Posts
  174. Can't Copy File
  175. How to delete unwanted category?
  176. Äffiliate Link
  177. Remove bottom right socrates image
  178. How To Change The Number Of Post On Home Page
  179. SSL Errors
  180. Missing tools
  181. 728x90 Monetization Bar
  182. Banner Errors
  183. How to change color of footer
  184. Another Header Issue!
  185. Top Navbar
  186. How Do You Change The Text Colour Of The Page Break
  187. Installing Pictures in Header
  188. Forum files not loading all the way
  189. Google Webmaster tools help
  190. Problems with Adding Categories
  191. Blog Sponsor right sidebar
  192. How to link to a zip file
  193. New Headers and Upload
  194. Anyone have an idea how to accomplish...
  195. Broken Leaderboard
  196. Build site with socrates before pointing domain
  197. Page Layout is blank after install of Theme
  198. Uploading New Header Problems
  199. Unable to add new pages
  200. All in one SEO
  201. Robots.txt file for wordpress
  202. Right Sidebar Been Eaten By a Dragon!
  203. Can Text Size Be Increased?
  204. How Do I Change Sidebar Widths and Fonts?
  205. Comments are closed
  206. Trying to make changes
  207. Does the template collapse when taking out the leaderboard settings?
  208. Moving the widgets to the right
  209. ad ads and logo in header section
  210. posts appear on one page and link goes nowhere?
  211. About Page
  212. How Do I Change The Header Height?
  213. Can I add a banner ad in header?
  214. changing themes - keeping my header
  215. Banner ads out of position
  216. Own Header Doesn't appear
  217. Lost Homepage
  218. images not showing in categories
  219. linking to an amazon pic
  220. Aweber text different colors while in IE and FF
  221. Question about Page Hierarchies for WordPress
  222. Removing Adsense from sticky post only
  223. Header Problems
  224. Bottom Widgets
  225. No Follow "thank you" page not placed in footer
  226. Sales Landing Page
  227. Need Suggestion for Video on Blog
  228. Socrates use with spanish language
  229. About Page
  230. Export Sales Page
  231. changing themes without losing work
  232. tarsis
  233. Drop Down Menu
  234. Question on RSS feed
  235. capture page
  236. Problem With Link Cloaking With And Without Plugins
  237. Problems with Page Adding and Page Navigation
  238. About the last wordpress 3.01
  239. home page redirect
  240. Contact Pg Follow-Up Messsage
  241. Side bar and Borders not showing on Pages nor Posts
  242. 403 Forbidden
  243. Remove sidebar from certain pages
  244. eCommerce Plugins
  245. Members Area
  246. Remove excerpts
  247. Google dynamic ads
  248. Can I change rotation speed in 728x90?
  249. Can't edit my widgets
  250. Change Skinny Background Color