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  1. installation on a second blog
  2. Paypal
  3. Facebook Like Button
  4. Pre-sales Q&A
  5. Soc Theme and FrameWork
  6. compatable social networking plugs in for socrates?
  7. Squeeze page challenges
  8. Can someone help setup resource box in posts?
  9. How To? Banners/images/Thumbnails...
  10. H1 as Title ... ?
  11. help needed
  12. Recipe website
  13. Inline Page Navigation
  14. Permalinks not showing url
  15. upgraded - now what?
  16. wp more tag and banners.
  17. Squeeze Page Issue
  18. RSS Feed
  19. html pages with Socrates look.feel
  20. install s discount field before the PayPal button
  21. Skinny Sales page sidebar line
  22. Can layout be different on different pages?
  23. Removing comments closed code
  24. Privacy Page
  25. Navigation Problem
  26. How to link a Header to the home Page?
  27. Unable To Upload Socrates Theme
  28. Testing Ad Formats, Placement, etc.
  29. "Socrates: The Missing Manual"
  30. Data error in \Socrates\images\
  31. Error message before starting a New Post
  32. Embedding video on own static webpage
  33. Spam Comments
  34. .biz domains
  35. Hello Dolly
  36. Uploaded Header Question
  37. Repeating sidebars
  38. A developer's license question...
  39. activation
  40. Leave a reply form on site.
  41. Removing from homepage left sidebar
  42. Widget Logic
  43. error: cannot reinstall 7 day trial
  44. Link URL problem
  45. Add an Aweber Web Form to a page
  46. Gigya social platform installation
  47. Socrates as subdomain
  48. Staying Offline While Under Construction
  49. Different Themes Different Colours?
  50. Navigation tab
  51. Help please with poor AdSense results with Socrates
  52. How to set Pages as No follow, No index
  53. Several questions about my new pages
  54. Clickable Navbar Page Links
  55. Integrating HTML pages into socrates and wordpress
  56. Is My Site Too Wide?
  57. How to post a pingback here in Socrates Theme.
  58. NavBar pull down menus slide behind YouTube Video
  59. How to change the color of the Main NavBar pull down menu background colors
  60. Primary NavBar Font Color Issues-Styling Font Color Changes-Link Hover has no effect
  61. Can someone help me with a widget problem?
  62. Page Title, needs to go!
  63. Static Style Site or Blog Style Site
  64. Adding Adsense To Pages or Posts
  65. Does an RSS Feed to My Blog Make Sense?
  66. How Can I Make My Footer Text Links Larger!
  67. Category dropdown menu to long
  68. Gap between my H1 and the post
  69. Getting tabs to work
  70. Left Navigation Menu Customization...
  71. Adding Kontera to my site...
  72. tracking Leaderboard Ad and Custom Display Units
  73. Easy Adsenser Plugin
  74. How do I remove the "vertical bar" symbol?
  75. Widget removal
  76. Removal of "Pages",, "Archives", and "Categories" Data
  77. Double Spacing for Post Content
  78. 404 Not Found message
  79. Lost my formatting
  80. Pages Adsense Ads
  81. Formatting help
  82. Posts sequence
  83. Trouble Installing Socrates
  84. Google Verify Code
  85. Squeeze Page with Paypal Plug In With Links to my Websites
  86. Can't delete Socrates in WP 3.2.1 to update
  87. Photo slider
  88. Help an Oldie
  89. Recommendation for Header Graphics, Magazine Fans
  90. Custom Products and Goggle Analytics
  91. Theme Not Showing Up in IE... Please Helppppp!!
  92. code running over into the page
  93. Customizing Theme with CSS
  94. Help Adding Page in Menu Bar
  95. No SideBar Page Template Problem
  96. Featured content
  97. Looking to Outsource Niche Site Building
  98. Saving a custom header
  99. WAMP Server
  100. QR Codes in the header or sidebar with shortcode?
  101. AdSense not showing
  102. Adding Adsense Text Box To Sidebar Widget?
  103. google+button
  104. Google Adwords rejects landing page
  105. Header background image fails to appear
  106. Create more menu tabs
  107. My Home Page is "in cache" in Google Search
  108. Home Page
  109. How to make one static post on homepage
  110. How To Justify Post Text Sitewide Thru Stylesheet?
  111. How to make a specific layout into a template
  112. Changing the Header Image for Each Page?
  113. Page load speed
  114. I can't delete or remove the Default Header
  115. Video not working
  116. Having different side menus
  117. Do I need to be comfortable with WordPress before jumping into Socrates?
  118. Getting posts to show in side bar
  119. how to get the right image path?
  120. contact forms
  121. Change how many articles display in the category menu
  122. Can't access site with http:// & access logs empty
  123. Wordpress- Best Method of Categories
  124. Drop down menu
  125. Can't access to my Socrates menu
  126. Socrates Contact Template: Comments on but do not display
  127. Amazon Plugins
  128. Changing the Feed Title
  129. Have I been hacked?
  130. favicon.ico file
  131. Advertising Recommendations
  132. Where to Find a Mastermind Group
  133. How to exchange "links with others"
  134. Using Socrates theme for personal blog?
  135. Critique my Site
  136. How to modify the header so it stretches across the whole page
  137. Web form will not align to left on Sales Page Template
  138. Issue with Side Bar
  139. How to show only a portion of Posts on homepage..
  140. Looking for a plugin
  141. Policies on website
  142. How to Nest Pages In Nav Bar?
  143. Different ad-widgets on different Pages ?
  144. Header dimensions
  145. Blogs
  146. Scraping my Blog URLs for Backlinks
  147. Using Sales Page for another URL possible?
  148. Schema and Microdata
  149. Link Header to Another page...
  150. Contact Me Form -- no confirmation
  151. You Tube - Changing Google Account association with You Tube Account
  152. Did we ever figure this one out?
  153. No (Or Bad?) Activation Code??
  154. Create a Line Between Posts?
  155. Sliding Social Plugin Help...
  156. No Sidebars Template Title Color...
  157. Drag diesel question
  158. Do You want to use Socrates Theme in Facebook to make more money
  159. google+
  160. A second, static nav bar
  161. Categories listed in browser
  162. How do I set up a Forum?
  163. custom display units
  164. Socrates menu works, WP menu doesn't
  165. Anyone interested in doing a template for me?
  166. New Socrates theme crashed on me
  167. no reply to my request
  168. Adsense targeting
  169. newbie ??- How can I make the written content thicker and the background skinnier.
  170. Newbie - Sidebar opt in
  171. Home Page Customization...
  172. where to put pop up code
  173. Incorporate Phpbb into Socrates Template...
  174. looking for someone to set up my socrates theme
  175. Noob question about the front page and categories...
  176. How to set up magazine layout
  177. Can Socrates create a Static Page or do I do that in WP?
  178. Upgrade from 2.2X Socrates to 3.0
  179. Change the Defaults for h1 and h2 in Page and Post articles
  180. Socrates 3.02 adding Copyright
  181. Trouble with Header
  182. Socrates 3.01 Activation Code
  183. how to add Top Nav + Primary Nav Link
  184. Adding an Image to the sidebar
  185. Double Right Sidebars
  186. How can I upgrade to 3.0 on existing WP site with 2.3. Socrates theme installed?
  187. Navigation under header is no where to be found
  188. Right Sidebars
  189. Navigation menues
  190. How to remove the Header
  191. Navigation and menues a complet mess - caused by myself
  192. Looking for a good javascript random banner ad rotator
  193. HTML list/dropdown menu does not display right on wordpress
  194. Adsense ads not showing up
  195. Disable auto generated meta tags on my blog
  196. Cannot share full URLs on Facebook
  197. Socrates Layout. How to hide inpost ads on specific pages?
  198. Upgrading from 2.1 to 3.03 error
  199. How do I access the footer code in Socrates 3.0?
  200. Only showing visitor comments in the side bar under recent comments
  201. Changing Body Font With Preset Color Scheme
  202. Integratation of Socrates within Facebook iFrame Page Tabs
  203. Squeeze page help! Thanks
  204. How to Increase the Font Size of the Primary Nav Bar
  205. How to color sidebar and content areas
  206. Adding an ico to the css
  207. Hiding list of posts under Magazine 1 slider
  208. Disqus stopped working after switching to Socrates
  209. WP Unite.com Question
  210. Coder Wanted To Hire For Child-Theme.
  211. Add time to slider
  212. Just watched the hilarious Auto-Crapulator video
  213. Image Question
  214. How to do Opt in Form?
  215. Cannot get YouTube video to show
  216. Moving Socrates and new content from test to live
  217. Magazine theme #1 for video curation site?
  218. H2 and H3 highlight the entire paragraph. What's up?
  219. Browser bar page title has random numbers & symbols
  220. Adsense Issues
  221. Text Hyperlink In Header
  222. Created Menu For Footer And Added Labels But Not Visible!
  223. Missing Buttons
  224. Changing White Base Colour
  225. Unable to hide wordpress comments
  226. How to translate to spanish the "Leave a comments" text or replace for an image?
  227. Add time to slider
  228. Primary Navigation Under Header messed up
  229. Tables are not showing border or background
  230. socrates homepage header Title text not showing, but description text shows
  231. Line midway through home page.
  232. Posts
  233. More Tag
  234. where can I set the color for post titles?
  235. any one ever seen this WP message?
  236. Socrates Member Login
  237. Install error?
  238. Possible Theme Layout error
  239. how to prevent spam comments
  240. How can I change URL on header image
  241. Navigation & body issue
  242. Having trouble installing social sharing widgets in the sidebar
  243. wider page and navigation
  244. Magazine 2 Template not Reading Featured or Recent Cats
  245. Need Help With Key?
  246. Can't get my pages to show
  247. Manual says Socrates has a lightbox feature. Im unable to get it to work
  248. Remove a comment form from the pages
  249. Alternate ads on pages
  250. Use of the Socrates Theme