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02-17-2011, 08:54 AM
I believe I recently received two emails from Socrates theme recommending third-party plugins for WP. I accidentally deleted them.

Please re-post them here.

Dan Nickerson
02-17-2011, 12:09 PM
One of the questions we're most often asked is what SEO
plugins we recommend for Socrates.

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization and it's a
science all to itself.

While we have optimized the Socrates layout for better
indexing, there's a lot more to SEO than just the layout.

The first plugin we recommend is the "All In One SEO Pack".
This helps you add a title, keywords and description to
every post.

It's a free plugin that gets you started with optimizing
your site. You can download it via the Plugins section of
your dashboard.

It's one of the most popular plugins ever.

The second plugin we recommend is "SEO Pressor".

This plugin takes search engine optimization to a whole new
level. Our customers have been raving about it for months.

= > http://www.socratestheme.com/goto/seopressor.php (http://www.socratestheme.com/forum/../goto/seopressor.php)

It analyzes your site and gives you suggestions on improving
your tags, keyword density, image tags, keyword placement
and more.

It even "grades" your site and teaches you about SEO on the fly.

Let's face it there's no simpler way to generate long term
organic traffic to your site then making sure your article
content is perfectly optimized for the search engines.

Socrates does its part with site structure, but SEO Pressor
will optimize all your articles and posts.

The best analogy for SEO Pressor is that it's like having
your own SEO consultant working for you full time, who shows
you step by step what to do .

It's being used on over 500,000 wordpress sites.

SEOPressor is a premium plugin, but there's a trial offer so
you can see if it's the right solution for you.

= > http://www.socratestheme.com/goto/seopressor.php (http://www.socratestheme.com/forum/../goto/seopressor.php)

You can use both of these plugins together, or individually.

If you have questions about either you can post them on our
forum as well.

To Your Socrates Success!

Dan Nickerson

P.S. Yes, we have used SEOPressor and may be compensated if
you purchase the product.