View Full Version : Deleting everything and starting over

05-16-2011, 02:15 PM
I have made such a dog's dinner of my first effort that I would like to remove all traces of my work, files, changes, the lot and return Socrates to its default settings. I have now made so many mistakes that I think I might do a little better next time. Is there a quick (or slow) way of deleting everything and restoring Socrates to default?

I am just working my way around the problem - the main problems being it seems that Socrates designates my "home page" but the home page is not really an html page in the old fashioned way I think. It is a "post" which is a little different.

But my main frustration is that the "insert more tag" does not work properly. When I go to look on the website for the remaining text, I always get an error 404 message and the complaint that the rest of my text cannot be found. I have looked at several videos and read about using the tool but the tool still does not work for me and I am quite at a loss.


The problem can be seen at

I am sure I am using the forum wrong. I am a very slow but dogged learner so please tell me when I go wrong.

Dan Nickerson
05-17-2011, 08:04 PM
The problems you are describing are unrelated to Socrates.

Wordpress controls the homepage at: Settings > Reading

The other problem is a wordpress permalink issue at: Settings > Permalinks