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  1. Just watched the hilarious Auto-Crapulator video

    Search for Dan's video - Autocrapulator on Youtube if you want a good laugh.

    It was mostly about autoblogging, but it brought up some questions.

    Is it really a bad idea to have your domains on...
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    10,752 - that gets you the feedjit. I would wait until I was getting a bit of traffic though.
  3. Replies

    Sticky: Thanks Dan for all the support that you do give...

    Thanks Dan for all the support that you do give personally and through the forum. I think that there are a lot of areas in the forum to discuss IM in general - all aspects of Wordpress for example. I...
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    Sticky: Dan, can you develop some more pet headers?

    One with both dogs and cats would be nice.:)
  5. Replies

    Sticky: Thanks for the quick response

    I'll mosey over to that site and play around a bit, but I get frustrated doing stuff I'm not great at and would happily outsource some of it.

    I want a custom header for one of my sites, one that...
  6. Going to stick with Socrates for all my sites - even adsense

    Last year we went with a new theme that for adsense that every body was recommending and installed it instead of Socrates on a few of our sites. It rotates Adsense randomly and Adsense marketers...
  7. Replies

    Sticky: Options for paid custom Socrates banner

    I want some custom banners made - there used to be a Socrates specific service available, but I guess not any longer. :confused:

    Is there any other options?

    How about this gig on

  8. Are these your websites in your signature?

    The two page rank four websites listed? Are they made with Socrates?
    If so, hecka impressed. :D

    (I have to fight the beliefs that this stuff really doesn't work and just keep plugging at it - If...
  9. Now I can't get all the pages listed on the top!

    How do I get all the pages listed in the pretty bars that are on the header? I was able to get my archives off the sidebar, but since I removed my pages there - there is no indication that I have a...
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    Can't download version 2.3

    This is the message I got:
    Unpacking the package…

    Installing the theme…

    Destination folder already exists. /home/blooming/public_html/...
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    I agree - Socrates is great!

    Nice site (well you have the same header as I for - which makes me think maybe I should get a new one or Dan can download some more new business, money-making headers:D...
  12. Plug-Ins to rotate Ads

    Where do you get those plug-ins? We actually purchased another theme because it rotated ads.
  13. Replies

    Who made the decision? I liked www

    Oh, those kids - always have some way to make you old if you let them. :rolleyes:
  14. Replies

    Thanks, more questions about keeping quality in outsourcing

    Thanks! I have an account with EasyOutsource, I am trying there first unless someone tells me a reason not to. I will try the other Fivvr and the other source as well though.

    I will use the forum...
  15. Replies

    BTW - isn't it best to have it as www?

    I would have thought that it would have been better to have had a www instead of just the http.
  16. Replies

    More Questions about Outsourcing

    Part of this question was answered elsewhere. Plus part still remains. What advice do you have as I hire writers? I want original articles for blog content, is there anyway that I make sure my writer...
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    I want to outsource article writing, blog commenting and other activities. When it comes to blog commenting, can I have my contractors create comments using different gmail accounts so that they can...
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    Sticky: Thanks - and where can I go for custom designs?

    Please, please keep adding more headers. But in the meanwhile - aren't there some custom designers who work with Socrates?;)
  19. Blogging Commenting Hints

    If I have my kids or an outsourcer create gmail accounts and then comment on my blogs - can this be traced? Is this a legitimate practice? I have about 20 sites, I went on a frenzy with buying domain...
  20. Replies

    What is the code to add the Socrates logo back again?

    I seem to have removed it as well. PS - I am a newbie too and will continue being one until just by practice I become an expert. :cool:
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    How to have post titles show up

    How can we have post titles show up?

    This is my goal: to have the pretty tabs at the top to my pages: a static home, privacy, contact and about, and also a blog. I guess I need to repeat this in...
  22. Nice site by the way. I will comment if you open...

    Nice site by the way. I will comment if you open any in your blog .
    You seem to have a great business built up.
  23. Replies

    Dan - please get some sleep and some exercise once in a while

    We love you here on the forum - and want to keep you around!

    PS - I am a nurse in my "real" job.;)
  24. Thanks guys

    I retried Tim's technique which is what I had been doing all along. I have no idea why it worked this time and not all the others. That's computers for you - and supertired bloggers!:o
  25. Brain Freeze - How do I post a youtube in Wordpress?

    I've done it before and I cannot do it today.:o
    I can get the link there but not actually show the youtube. Wordpress wants me to save it to my computer, in blogger you can actually just paste the...
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