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  1. Text disappearing after publishing in Socrates

    After I put a large amount of text (paragraphs) in a page,,,it all disappears (everything disappears and page comes up blank on website) even though the page was published and updated! Is this...
  2. Replies

    Thanks ! It worked

    Thanks Dan...I edited the file and it worked..

    B. ghost
  3. 3columns fixed

    Yes, I think I fixed it. For some reason the widgets seem not to work exactly as they had in the beta version. I just pulled them and replaced them and the three columns started showing.

  4. Problems with 3 Columns ads showing over pages

    I had the beta version figured out. I got everything rolling quite well. I tried version 2.03 and the ads and pages are screwed up. I've used basically the same ads as on my other sites.

  5. Jon I may have fixed it

    All my sites were the same except for one thing. I had the second block filed with adsense code ( at the bottom of the layout page) on the other websites. The one other site still has version 1.2 and...
  6. Widgets not showing up in post in beta version

    Strange Happenings.. On one of my sites the older version 1.2 everything shows up fine. On the post pages the widgets show up on the left hand column. On two other sites with the beta 2.02 the left...
  7. Replies

    The problem might be with hostgator!

    The ads are finally showing up with a widget but not anywhere else. The problem could be with hostgator. I just checked my DSL in it's it extremely good but their servers seem to be dragging today....
  8. Replies

    Google Ads Quit Again

    The google ads won't show up again. I check everything I could. You don't have to have the site indexed to show up. I put websites up all of the time using xsitepro and the ads show up immediately.
  9. Replies

    Fixed it: it was the permalinks

    I fixed it. I guess I left one a slash off the custom permalink setting the ads show up!

  10. Replies

    Google Ads not showing up anywhere

    Google ads are not showing up anywhere on the site. I tried the latest version 2.0 whatever. I have even tried pasting them in the side bar with a text widget which always works but nothing. They...
  11. Replies

    pages and problems with navigation panel


    I got the pages to show up on the navigation bar by dragging the pages from the list on the side. However, it puts an external link (http://....) instead of an internal link but they work...
  12. Replies

    Pages Not Showing Up

    I've tried all the tips on trying to get pages to show up that I found on this forum but none of them work. the pages will show up in other templates. What settings are you using? I tried changing...
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