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  1. Replies

    Thank you for the reply Dan! Unfortunately that...

    Thank you for the reply Dan! Unfortunately that is not working in IE8, nor FF. It doesn't allow me to post the image properly, I actually have to drag/drop the image, then the image editor doesn't...
  2. Replies

    Yes, however there is nowhere that the featured...

    Yes, however there is nowhere that the featured image appears other than in the edit window on the right side (it shows it is attached the post, but doesn't how up anywhere).

    Yes, I've tried...
  3. Replies

    Sorry!! missed that part. the post editor (not a...

    Sorry!! missed that part. the post editor (not a plug in).
  4. Replies

    Thanks for the reply! No, those (the driver...

    Thanks for the reply! No, those (the driver safety ones) were there before using socrates.

    Take this post as an example:...
  5. Replies

    Featured Image and Post Image

    Hi - I'm at a loss. I have my blogs set up and operational, now going through to spruce them up with graphics and neither the featured image, nor post image will work with Socrates. I tried in both...
  6. iFrame in my support desk and vBulletin Forum

    Hi - I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to easily set the socrates theme up so my vBulletin Forum would look just like this one (nice an neat inside the frame). I would like to so the same...
  7. Replies

    Twitter Issue in Header

    Hi - just upgraded to the most recent socrates theme and found a problem with Twitter in the "Social Networking Links" area. All the others (youtube, etc) work fine, but twitter broke. I have my...
  8. Wrapping Socrates Header/Footer Around a Help Desk

    Hi - Does anyone know an easy way to wrap the socrates header/footer around another program (our help desk). It uses a simple header.txt and footer.txt file and is css driven. Any code we type into...
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