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    Default Header text quality

    I experienced a quality decrease of bigger header text sizes when I view the page in the browser. The bigger the text more less is the quality (it looks hackly, craggy). The best results are shown in Google Chrome, the second best results in Firefox and very poor results in Internet Explorer (also no shadow). But in general the text quality in all browsers is not o.k.

    I loaded the header down to my computer and integrated a text in Photoshop and then load it up again. This solved the problem and the text quality is fine in all the 3 browsers.

    But I like to use the easy text tool (also for quick changes). This is not possible due to the quality.

    Is this problem known and can it be solved in future?

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    This is not a problem per say, it's just the nature of increasing font sizes in general on a webpage. It's not been mentioned before, but I know what you refer to.

    Your solution is the best one.. Just use graphical text.

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