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    Default Converting Static Site To Socrates


    I could use your input as I convert a static site to Socrates.

    I want to convert an XSitepro website to Socrates. The site is not too large but will be the foundation for an authority site which will also promote my product in this niche.

    The pages have the underscore (e.g. and most are PR0 or PR1.

    I really would like them to become hyphenated pages as Wordpress generates.

    So... would it make sense to just re-create the site in wordpress by copying and pasting the old content and use hyphenated web pages as WP normally generates? Would I then create redirects from the old underscored web pages to the new pages that replaced them?

    Also, I much prefer hyphenated pages over the underscored ones I created a long time ago.

    I would like to preserve any incoming links from the old pages... but there likely aren't too many.

    Or... just forget about it (and save some time) and get on with creating the new site in Socrates by just copying and pasting the content?

    What and how would you do it?


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    I would create the new site in Socrates and then setup the redirects from the old pages to the equivalent new pages. That way you get the benefit of Socrates without losing any of your backlinks or page rank.
    Lynn T. Harrison
    Ever Evolving Enterprises (my blog on using WordPress) Testimonials appreciated

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    Thanks... that's really what I was hoping would be the response as it seems to be the best of all worlds.

    Thanks again... that's what I'll do.


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    I moved a 600 page website into Wordpress and had a redirect plugin for a while...then it played up and I removed it....

    by that time google had found my new pages..

    My homepage was PR 4 and it dropped to PR2 and then came back again.

    I lost all page rank on my internal pages but I know it will come back.

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