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    They are necessary.. you had them twice in each link, which is why you saw them before.

    Use no follow links for any links that you don't wish to give away site value too.. in other words.. when you link to another site, you're giving a little search engine weight to it.. (that's why we teach people to get back links)

    But you don't need to give value to affiliate links or pages that don't need to be indexed.. like privacy, contact, terms pages etc...

    To make a link no follow replace..

    <a href=


    <a rel="nofollow" href=

    at the beginning of the link.

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    Smile dofollow

    If I wanted a dofollow link on a post which was linked to a previous post do I need to put in the dofollow html or is this automatic.

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    Links are do follow by default.
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