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    Jul 2010
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    Default Useful Theme + Clever Support!

    Just wanted to drop by to thank Dan for Socrates and Dan, Jon & Lynnth for their tech support. I keep saying I'm a non-techie, but Socrates & the team help me fake it pretty well!

    Specifically, I want to acknowledge the clever template design that offers a number of ways to customize pages and add functions. As I was developing my site, I left the ad bar empty, since I don't expect to use outside advertising.

    But, the other day, admin Lynnth gave a bit of advice that opened new possibilities! He gave instructions for creating the html code for items you want to add to the sidebar--even if you didn't know how to code! So here's what I did:

    (1) I created my own ads for the space under the nav bar. I used my <$30 logo software to quickly design 3 ads for the rotating ad bar. I can replace any of the ads as I add services. (I do want to learn how to slow down the flashing, though; the social media thingy and 3 ads, are too much for me.) But I thought I needed a web pro to "decorate" that empty space!!

    (2) I was absolutely NOT happy with Socrates' Plane-Jane basic text widget, and I can only code with kindergarten instructions. But Lynnth's instructions sparked a successful experiment: I used Microsoft Publisher to create a small page, typed my narrative, and added a graphic. I played around to get the page size & fonts to work. Took a long time. Now, though, I have a widget--and a widget template--with much more interest than the original. (Sorry Soc!)

    FYI, I used Publisher because (a) I already owned it, (b) I could create a very small doc to fit the widget space, (c) I wanted the ability to add text & wrap it around an image, (d) I wanted the ability to modify background & text colors, and (e) Publisher gave me the ability to save jpg and gif files.

    My site doesn't look like the work of a web genius, but it's features are far more sophisticated than anything I could have managed on my own!

    Money very well spent! Thank you guys!

    Last edited by LLFiggs; 08-27-2010 at 12:39 AM. Reason: Clarity & correction

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    Jun 2010
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    I have to agree that Socrates is a clever theme, and support is fun

    But I'm guessing that Lynn never sleeps as EVERY time I check in he's here, been here, or is going to be here... get some rest!

    Here's the quick answer for slowing down the rotation of the top ads, not too difficult.

    Open up topAd.php in a text editor, or via FTP (make a copy first)

    Find the section that says:

    function automate3(change3){

    if (stopAnimation3 == "false"){

    animationTimer3 = window.setTimeout(function() { setBox3(); }, 7000); // set time

    Change the 7000 to whatever you want your rotation to be, 7000 is 7 seconds.

    Note that there are TWO sections with this code in topAd.php, both have to be changed.

    Save your file, check your rotation speed.

    Your point 2, the Socrates' Plane-Jane basic text widget. Sorry, Socrates can't take the honour for that one, it's all down to Wordpress

    But I like the changes you have made, congratulations on getting stuck in and learning some new skills.
    Phil Horsepool
    Creative Web Design
    Web Design and SEO Services
    for Marketers and Small Businesses

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    Jul 2010
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    Default Thank You!

    First, my apology to Socrates for the Plane-Jane widget crack--with an appropriate micro-sneer to WP for this little gem. (I'm not mad, though!)

    And 2nd, a huge thank you, Compusol for your help. Let me run on over and see if I can make the change without doing damage!

    Happy Friday!
    Last edited by LLFiggs; 08-27-2010 at 10:58 AM.

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    Jul 2010
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    Default It Worked!

    I didn't blow it, Compusol; your instructions were easy to follow, and now my ads don't create that Barnum & Baily effect. (At least I think it's better.)

    Thanks again!

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