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    Default trouble installing theme

    I have purchased Socrates, used filezilla to upload the theme to the themes directory, and when I go to the installed themes page I see only the default theme installed with Wordpress.

    I have posted 2 pictures which highlight what is happening.

    I would appreciate any help you can give me.
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    The first thing to check is whether, when you unzipped the theme, that there aren't 2 socrates folders.

    The path should be wp-content/themes/socrates, then the theme files.

    You may have wp-content/themes/socrates/socrates, which will make WP think there is no theme there.

    Though strangely one of your screen shots show the default and classic themes, plus the two that you have added.

    But the other only shows the twenty ten theme as installed, which isn't in the folder view.

    These screenshots are both from the same blog aren't they?
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