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    Default PLEASE DO NOT Start New FAQ Threads!

    The frequently asked questions thread is for admin posting only.

    It's designed so our customers can get quick answers to common questions.

    If you wish to ask a new questions, post in a relevant forum thread..

    Please only reply to admin threads here.. do not post new ones.

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    Default Reply to Dan - Posting Questions Not Allowed?

    Sorry Dan. I don't understand this at all. I looked for what seemed like the correct subject area to ask a question. It all looks the same to me. You said I could reply here, but does that mean I can reply to your response here? I'm trying, but I find forums very difficult to use, and I can never find what I'm looking for. Sorry if I'm still doing it wrong. Where am I supposed to be?

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    If you have a question to ask, yet you can not find the answer to that question by searching forum....than that does not qualify as a "Frequently asked question."

    This thread is for questions that get asked the most frequently, and designed as a quick resource to find an answer.

    As myself and the mods are ones who know which questions get asked the most frequently, it just makes sense that only we post here.

    The only way for you to know it's a frequently asked question is to see others asking it on the forum.. and if you had seen those questions you would have already found the answer.

    When I say "respond here" I mean in reply to a thread that's already being discussed.

    The video at the top covers this a bit, but if you have a question or issue with Socrates use the Official or Community Support thread and click the new thread button.

    If you have a Wordpress question use the wordpress thread.

    But the best way to find an answer to anything is to click the Google link and enter in the keywords relevant to your issue.

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