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    Default Header Font Sizing


    I can't seem to get the Title Text and Description Text to Enlarge past a certain size. Meaning, it seems to enlarge correctly in the Admin Panel when I use the up arrows and after I save it and then view it, it does not reflect the changes that I'd made.

    Any help here would be great.

    Also as a suggestion, perhaps there could be more flexibility for placement of the Title and Description Text via a Drag and Drop of some sort or better placement by fine-tuning it with additional spacing options so that we can tweak exactly where we'd like to place this Header Text and Tag Line and not be forced into several choices only.
    Thanks and please help with Font Sizing.


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    Sorry for delay.. we missed this question.

    Looks like a wp super cache issue. And we hope to more with spacing in future updates. it can be tweaked now with the style.css file.

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