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    Sep 2010
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    Default Non white background skin

    While still pretty basic the theme is great for putting sites live fast and I like it so far(playing with it for few hours now)

    Is it possible to change the white background to something else for the content side?

    do you have any plans to offer more colorfull skins in the near future?

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    Jun 2010
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    Are you referring to background of the container where posts and pages are displayed?

    If so, then I'm sorry no we don't have plans to offer different background choices.

    Our objective is to make our customers sites profitable and visitor friendly.

    There is a reason that all the most popular sites online use dark text on white background. It converts the best and makes a site more readable.

    I'm not going to rule out the possibility of this in the future, but so many people get caught up with design elements like colored backgrounds they forget about the wants of their visitors.

    All they want is quality information in an easy to read format..

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