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    Default changing the sidebar

    I would like to change the look of my site.

    I would like to remove the archives category and make the categories more prominent, so the visitors are immediately drawn to them.

    Also, I will be writing up more reviews of the costumes and putting them on EZINE to drive traffic. If I redirect traffic to this page:

    it just gives a short blurb about each costume and does not show the Amazon picture, which I think is the most crucial part of this. How can I get a complete posting on the above link?

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    Jun 2010
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    We have a widgets video in the member's area which covers the sidebar widgets.

    What you are seeing are the default widgets.. all you have to do is goto Appearance > Widgets and drag new widgets to sidebar.

    It will immediately replace our default widgets.

    Send them to an actual post and not a category. Your much better off linking to posts than categories.

    Take advantage of related post plugins and recent post widgets to drive traffic to the other posts.

    But if you're going to be writing multiple articles, link to different individual posts instead of categories... it will be better for seo.

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