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    Default How Do You Get Salespage as your home page?

    Greetings Everyone;

    I am trying to install a sales page on my root. But whenever I try to use the sales page templates Socrates puts it as a subfolder. Ex:

    I have tried different things including “Front Page Displays” but I can’t seen to make this work.

    I have Socrates installed on my root directory. I just want visitors to type in and they will see my sales page.... That’s it.

    I have read the other solutions in the forum but none seem to match my dilemma. Anybody’s help would be greatly appreciated.


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    This is a wordpress function unrelated to Socrates.

    The "front page display" redirect to your sales page should work just fine, unless you are using other redirection plugins or have wp super cache enabled.

    The only time I have seen this not work is with a plugin called "redirection" being installed.

    Can you look for this and also for wp super cache?

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