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    Oct 2010
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    Default Site verification for Socrates site.

    I have a sticky problem and have tried other sources to solve it but not with any success.
    I want to join a no. of affiliate programs which is administered by Tradedoubler.
    They require what they call site verification and this entails inserting html code into the head tag.
    eg. <!--Tradedoubler site verification 1780774-->
    How would I verify a Wordpress site and where should this information be entered.
    Guys, I know this is not a Socrates issue but I would really appreciate your input.
    Many thanks in advance.

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    Jun 2010
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    We do have other forum threads for non Socrates questions and there's also a number of "verification" threads..

    Just add that code into Socrates > Layout > Analytics field and save.

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    Smile Site verification

    Dan your helpfulness beyond the immediate is highly valued.
    Thank you!

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