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    Default Getting rid of dates etc in poges

    Hi there,

    I've had a quick look around and seen that the only suggestion for removing dates, author etc from pages (instead of posts) is to chop out the offending line in the code.

    Will there be any conditional coding in a future release (checking the settings as is done in the posts code) or am I going to have to hack it every time?

    I'd have a crack at porting the post code if I had time, but Christmas looms a little close for me to be doing that at the moment.


    Oh yes, and poges=pages in the title

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    It's been an option since July. There are a number of threads about this.

    Just goto Socrates > Layout and turn off the date line option from pages.

    If you want to remove from the no sidebar template or salespage templates you need to remove manually.

    We will probably auto remove those in next updates as well.

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    Hi Dan,

    You've hit it on the head. I hadn't realised that the no sidebar page was working differently, but that's exactly where I am!

    I'll chop it out for now.

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