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    Default Contact Form As Widget In Sidebar

    Hello Dan,

    I was wondering if it is possible to have the Socrates contact form as a widget in a sidebar.

    Presently, I have created a custom menu, and added the Socrates contact form to it. On the front-end, this gets displayed as a link in the sidebar. So when you click the link, the contact form page appears.

    What the client would like to have is for the contact form to be available right there, in the sidebar itself. The visitor can simply type in their name, email etc and click on SUBMIT.

    Can this functionality be achieved in Socrates?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Just an idea, you could probably use Joel and Dan's Instant Form Pro and create a simple contact box. You would just build it and then just put code in a text widget

    InstantFormPro (affilate link)

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    Thank you Eric for the link to InstantFormPro. My client may not be willing to spend the money to buy another software for this particular functionality. Their approach is to explore if some bits of the contactpage.php of Socrates can be snipped and, the code be pasted in the sidebar as a widget.

    Whether this is possible? Thanks in advance.

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