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    Default "Leave a Reply" font color change

    How do I change the font color of "Leave a Reply" above the comment box? I searched everywhere and could not find it! I was sure it was in the style.css file but I had no luck finding it. I tried playing with the code in the comments.php file too, no luck. Here is my site: .

    I must say that I am enjoying this theme and this has to be the best support forum I have ever seen! Keep up the great work!

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    It is designed to work with the styling tab, but you appear to have modified a lot of your css file.

    I think this is the culprit..

    h2 { font-size:16pt;font-family: arial,helvetica,san-serif;color: #000000}
    Change back to:

    h2 { font-size:16pt;font-family: arial,helvetica,san-serif;}

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