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    Default Monetization bar


    Just wanted to say I do not know much about html but have a question about my site. My money ad customization bar (next to my facebook and rss feed) will sometimes work sometimes will show up as a white space with a red x in the top left hand corner. Can anyone please tell me why this is happening and how to fix it?


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    Default Usually Means Invalid link to image

    What html are you using for your monetization?

    Sometimes if a vendors image server is down, or they change the link you will get theat little red "X"...

    I've had this happen with a couple of the affiliate programs I work with...

    More likely, My guess would be that you are using more than one of the three monetization boxes in the theme editor, and that one of them contains the faulty code.

    So check those 728 x 90 monetization boxes in your Socrates Lyout....

    Since the theme is rotating your 728 ads, that seems the most logical..

    You can send me the codes if you like if this doesn't make sense to you and I will check it for you


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    Default Thanks

    Hey ROb I sent you a PM...let me know what you think

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