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    Default How Can I Speed Up My Site?

    One of my sites is particularly slow in loading and slow in loading from one page or post to another. If I were looking at it, I would click off of it because it was taking way too long to come up. This is vital because it's a product site that is supposed to be making sales.

    After following a particular teacher's format, I had 39 plugins installed that were recommended. After realizing how many I had on there, I deactivated 27 of them the other night hoping that this would speed up the site, but it didn't make much of a noticeable difference.

    I wrote to the Community on this forum, and EHiatt121 the other day suggested using WP Super Cache to help speed it up, and he also suggested that I ask this question first of Dan or other Moderator.

    If you'd like, I can send you more information about the site in question so you can look at it, and I can also send you a list of the active and deactivated plugins.

    Thank you,
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    WP Super Cache should speed up your site. What it does is keep a copy of the final HTML for each site page. Otherwise the HTML for each page is created on-the-fly based on information in the database, the theme and code that gets executed for each plug-in.
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    It could also be a problem with your web host. Typically you would be on a shared hosting plan which means you're sharing a server with lots of other customers. If your server becomes overcrowded, or another one of the websites on the server takes up too many resources, your site can be affected through no fault of your own. In order to look into that further you would have to contact your web host, and maybe end up moving to a completely different host.
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