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    Default Problems with upgrading from Socrates Theme 2.05 to Theme 2.10

    HI Support:

    I'm having trouble getting the 2.10 Update of Socrates Theme Activated. I followed these directions to a T (see Screenshot 1 in this Support Ticket):

    If you would like to upgrade your current install here’s how to do it.

    1. Save any custom css, headers or backgrounds to your desktop
    2. Download Version 2.1 Zip
    3. Open your domain’s Wordpress dashboard
    4. Goto Appearance > Themes and activate another theme… “default” is fine.
    5. Once Socrates is inactive “delete it” (you won’t lose settings)
    6. Goto Appearance > Add New Themes then click “upload”
    7. Locate Zip file on hard drive and upload
    8. Activate Socrates
    9. Use Activation Code above to validate your license.
    10. Check your headers and reupload any custom header or backgrounds

    That’s it.

    Can take 10 seconds if you’ve done this before.

    2. Then the Second Screenshot shows the actual 2.10 Update in my Socrates Dashboard.

    3. Then the Third Screenshot in this Support Ticket shows the Red Bar with the Error of this New Update 2.10 Socrates Theme not being activated in my actual You can see the header is one from Socrates Headers, and the rest is how I want the actual Blog to look like.

    4. The Fourth Screenshot is showing the Activation Code for my Original Install. I don't know where to put this in the Updated 2.10 from 2.05?

    Thank you,

    Jon Lutz

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    South Bend, IN
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    The activation code will be entered in your website's WP Dashboard. From your screen shot, click dashboard.

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