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    Feb 2011
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    Default Cloaking Socrates logo link

    At the moment the Socrates logo link at bottom right shows my Clickbank id.

    I have a cloaking and tracking service set up on my own tracking website and Iwould rather use one of my own tracking links which would be something like mydomain/recommends/socrates/xxx. When it is clicked it forwards to my site, is recorded and then my site shoots out the correct link to your site.

    In the footer.php file is the link:<?php echo $analytic['click'] ?>

    Can I change that to my above link (mydomain/recommends/socrates/xxx) and then in my tracking/forwarding system use the link:


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    Jun 2010
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    Yes, you can change that link to a cloaked one, but in your redirection software use the regular hoplink.


    (I really wish I owned "yourcbid", I wonder how many sales that makes each day)

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    Jun 2010
    South Bend, IN
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    I always wondered if someone has the ID "xxxx" or something like that. Would clickbank even allow that? That would be awesome.

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