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    Default Do I need to create a landing page to promote this Products

    Hi Everyone

    This is my first use of the socrates platform, I am welcome to suggestion on how I can optimised this blog to maximise conversions and reduce bounce rate, I will be adding the promotional links this week. Anything I should change, add for example a landing page etc.

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    What is your monetization strategy?

    It's an odd domain in my opinion because if someone googles that term they are going to get hit with all the merchant links in Google first.

    So before they find your domain in Google they are going to know a dozen places to buy it already.

    Next Blackberry is a registered trademark so any success you have with the domain could be shortlived, as they could ask you to remove it.

    Wouldn't it make more sense to register a domain like..

    Which is available although probably not for long.

    That way you don't limit yourself to one brand and it's a more heavily keyword targeted phrase.

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    Hi Dan

    Thanks very much for your feedback, I understand that this domain may be short live and I do have plans for a more generic domain names since I am operating in that niche at the moment. I also took your advice on the domain.

    However I suppose this to be a test site and as a learning experience I am interesting in knowing or identifying any fault that this site may have. I have just applied to best buy, staple and quill affiliate program so this is how I plan to monetise initially.

    Once again Dan thanks for your feedback much appreciated


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