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    Default Private Messaging Protocols

    Private messages should only be used for billing or login issues, activation problems that can't be answered on forum, and for when we specifically request your login info to fix a problem.

    And they should only be Socrates related. I'm getting more and more generic wordpress questions sent via PM.

    While we go out of our way to provide great support, we can only do this when everyone uses our support resources efficiently.

    Remember we do not charge for our support, but if customers can't use our search box for Socrates issues, or use Google for non-Socrates issues, before posting on the forum or sending a PM.... we may have to consider charging for premium support.

    If you do not find an answer on the forum or Google, that is when you start a new thread and post the question or reply to a relevant thread. Our "Watch This Video" button at the top shows how to do this..

    This way our community and moderators can answer you as well.

    I would really appreciate your understanding on this issue.

    That all being said.

    We have new Forum Admins, Fred Maldonado and Leilani Clifford. And you should now PM Fred for any Socrates related issues. We also have a new Zendesk Ticket System where you can submit support tickets with private info.

    Update 7/15/12 - I've had to disable PM's for my account. Just too many messages as described above.

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    Thanks Dan for all the support that you do give personally and through the forum. I think that there are a lot of areas in the forum to discuss IM in general - all aspects of Wordpress for example. I agree that you do not need to be PM'd for that. I have noted that the other moderators are very helpful too. I really appreciate the new Zendesk Ticket System - I am eager to use that for individual problems I might be having.

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