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    Wink leader board banners IE8 browser display bug with banner area

    Has anyone seen this?

    I made my own leader board banners linking to sales pages and use the rotating social media too (YT, FB, Twitter)

    All is well in Fire Fox --- all three banners rotate perfectly and so do the social media images. It looks awesome.

    Not so in IE 8 -- the the leader board area and social media banner areas are offset vertically. AND the 3 leader board images will only partially display as they rotate ...until it comes back the #1 image.

    right now I just have one leader board image and two social media links ( social media are rotating) so you can see the vertical offset.

    UPDATE: Mystery solved - FF is more "forgiving" than IE8 - you need to add to more html instructions for IE (if you are DIYing your own custom leader board banners.)

    html to insert your own custom leader board banners:

    <a href="http://the destination here"><img border="0" src="http://image location here" width="728" height="90"></a>

    These two parts are necessary for IE to display properly:
    (specify border = 0 and with = 728 & height = 90) FireFox is a little "smarter" than IE
    Last edited by karlsbad; 04-10-2011 at 02:04 PM. Reason: update

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    Glad you found it. In my experience ALL browsers are smarter than IE. I keep IE around only for compatibility testing.
    Lynn T. Harrison
    Ever Evolving Enterprises (my blog on using WordPress) Testimonials appreciated

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    You shouldn't have to use the border zero or height/width in IE8. It's a good idea, but not something I feel we need to address.

    I'm with Lynn. I never use IE except for compatibility testing.. I really wonder how many millions of man hours have been lost to IE issues.

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