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    Apr 2011
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    Default Widgets, Social button, Ad Rotation Bar not showing

    just installed the latest release on my site with a 7 day trial.

    widgets, no matter what type of widget or where it is placed will not display. this isn't a case of broken widget HTML, it seems they are completely ignored and not being output.

    i've also added a facebook and RSS link in the setup, and the "FEED ME" and "FRIEND ME" buttons are not displaying. infact the entire section, including the ad rotation section (which i've also entered) is not displaying.

    i've tried disabling certain plugins, which none of them seem to have any effect.

    here is the URL [removed] but i'd rather not enable the theme again (until we've got to the bottom of this) and lose out on sales/clicks. you can see why im keen on changing the theme!

    any ideas?
    Last edited by dan1988; 04-26-2011 at 03:46 AM.

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    Apr 2011
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    Default Solved

    i did some further investigating and i've solved the issue.

    my fix might be worth incorporating into the next release as others *might* be effected.

    some account/server/plugin settings were interfering with the include path.

    so in your main template file (index.php) you are including several files. topAd.php / sidebar.php etc.

    I've done this:

    include dirname(__FILE__) . "/topAd.php";

    that's solved the problem.

    if you could include that in the next release, i'll certainly be purchasing this template for all my sites.

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    Jan 2011
    Denver, CO
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    Hi Dan, Thanks for the information and the investigative work. The next major release will surely have that fixed.
    Lead Developer:
    Socrates Write.Manage.Control

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