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    Default Changing Side Bar Width in CSS ....?

    Although I added this question in the other thread I started about centering the Leaderboard Ad, I figured I'd start this one for the Side Bar as a separate entry.

    If the Admins want to remove it, feel free and understood.

    How can I change the Side Bar width to widen it a little from your standard 150px to something more like @170-175px so I can accommodate a 160px width Tower Ad.

    As in the Leaderboard width, I tried looking for where this would be done in the CSS but I'm not savvy enough to know what needs changing and quite frankly don't think I noticed what might need to be changed except for what I found below but don't know how to go about converting :

    /* ------------------------------------- Sidebar --------------------------------------------------------------- */
    /* the width of the sidebar must be less then the width of the frame minus the
    width of the content are minus any padding. In this example the frame is 1000
    the content is 670px + 5px padding on each side totaling 680px. Therefore the
    sidebar width must be less then or equal to 320px. The side bar has a width of
    300px and a padding of 5px on each side totaling 310px, that will give us a
    margin of 10px between the content and the sidebar.
    .sidebar {
    position: relative;
    font-size: 100%;

    Thanks for the help

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    We have a number of threads on this including one in the FAQ section.

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    Thanks Dan .

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