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    Jan 2011
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    Default First Place On Google

    Here's a question...

    I have got my site to the first page and sometimes it's number one on google. The term wow gold online gets 3600 exact searches a month yet the average number of daily visits this site gets is....

    get this......... 3

    Why so few?

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    You're ranked #5 for me.

    1. Tons of adwords advertisers.
    2. Bigger competitors and brand recognition in other spots.
    3. Visitors who've already been on your site.
    4. Misleading reporting
    5. Different results in different datacenters/countries.
    6. .com vs .net trust factor
    7. Not having "buy" in title tag like others do
    8. It happens

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    good job with the site Was checking and there is a lot of advertisers and then you are second in organic results.
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