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    Default Questions before Buying

    Hey everyone.

    I am so close to buying this amazing theme but I just have two quick questions.

    1) What exactly is the Clickbank connection for? Is it for us selling our own products or for us selling affiliate products?

    2) Since I am somewhat new to internet marketing, do the people on this forum help you with questions and building good websites?


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    1. Clickbank is the world's largest digital marketplace. There are 1000's of products for virtually any niche and you can begin promoting them in seconds.

    In the online marketing world Clickbank is a huge player and they have paid out over TWO BILLION dollars to their affiliates and vendors.

    It is for both selling your own products and being an affiliate for other's products.

    2. I think the forum stats speak for themselves. Just spend 2-3 minutes and look at the questions and answers on the forum.

    I would say that 50% of the posts on this forum are actually Wordpress related and not Socrates related.

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