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    Default I see other threads about this outbound link problem but no solution

    Can someone please give me a solution to fix this..

    I only have one post and one affiliate link going to a clickbank product.

    For some reason, on all my outbound links, I'm getting:””

    It's even doing this for my image file.. Adding the site at the beginning of my links to where I'm getting double links.

    This in returns creates a 404 error every time.

    My perma-links are set to /%postname%/

    I've deleted the theme from my server twice and nothing. Reinstalled wordpress and still nothing.

    What can I do need to do to fix this?

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    I'm not familiar with other threads about an outbound link problem. I assume you mean on other sites and not Socrates.

    It would have been very helpful if you would have included a link to your site, as I could give a more definitive answer.

    It's not a theme problem.. It's either a permalinks problem, or a path problem in Settings > General.

    Make sure your blog and site url are the same and begin with http://

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    The link to my

    You'll see that my ad in the top sidebar is not working and my top banner ad is not working...


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