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Thread: VoltRank

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    Default VoltRank

    I came across this site and I have signed up and installed the wordpress plugin on my blog site. I was wondering if you or anybody knowledgeable would be so kind as to take a wee look at it and suggest your approval or not? It is a link building plugin where a network of blogs all allow random sidebar links in exchange for other random sidebar links on other peoples blogs. It is effectively making one way links which is why I installed it. But as I know Dan is an expert on the kind of code google doesn't like to see on a website, you might be able to tell me if it is such a menacing code or not?

    Thanks a lot...

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    Check out the Warrior Forum to see what they are saying about the service.. I had not heard of them, but reviews and the fact they are 2 plus years old seem positive.

    There are a lot of link building networks (I actually created one of the first in 1997) but there is always a risk whenever you try link building services. Questions to ask yourself are, do the links grow naturally? Are they on related sites? Is there any footprint in the code that search engines might see?

    My advice is that some of these programs work very well. But you might not want to add your most valuable sites into link building networks, just to be safe.

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