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    Default 404 Error not found on new pages created

    Hello there

    My problem is i have created new pages using the socrates custom and the page name shows up on the blog but when clicked the 404 error comes up and i cannot think what to do the about page works fine and i cannot see that i have set up the other pages any differently. Probably just cannot see the wood for the trees. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks:


    Regards Kit

    Sorry Folks but this has been resolved now. I quickly saw a post in similarity and followed the advice given by EHiatt121 to drag the pages over to the nav points and that solved the isssue.
    Last edited by kitburton; 03-28-2012 at 08:01 AM.

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    Thanks for the update.
    Leilani Clifford
    - Forum Admin

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