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    Default How To Copy A Website's HTML Code & Paste Into Homepage Using Socrates?


    I'd like to copy a website's HTML code (copied from browser's "View Source") and put it in the homepage of my new WordPress site using Socrates.

    What I did was to make a page as the front page of my WordPress site (In Settings --> Reading). Then copied the whole HTML code into it. But then, all the Socrates designs are all around. It's very messy.

    The blog part would be the usual Socrates.

    Is this possible? Any help?


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    You can't grab the whole thing. There are header and footer sections in the static HTML page that are already done for you in WordPress. You want to copy only what is inside the body tags of the original page (not including the body tags). Paste this into the HTML view of the page editor. You will need to manually pull out any navigation pieces or anything else that is not appropriate in the new page.
    Lynn T. Harrison
    Ever Evolving Enterprises (my blog on using WordPress) Testimonials appreciated

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