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    Exclamation problem menu links colors SOC 3.0 BETA

    HI, there is a serious problem in socrates 3.0 beta, in styling, the links colors of the differents menus (Primary Nav Link Color, Top Nav Link Color, Footer Nav Link Color) do not work good, because the three are controled only by Primary Nav Link Color so they do not work seperately (customizing different colors for each one) in socrates 2.3 it works appropiately, check it out for new version:

    Build your own color scheme
    Background Color

    Top Nav Link Color
    Top Nav Link Hover

    Primary Nav Link Color
    Primary Nav Link Hover

    Footer Text Link Color
    Footer Nav Link Color
    Footer Nav Link Hover

    Post Title Color
    Post Title Hover
    Post Link Color
    Post Link Hover

    waiting for your reply

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    This will be resolved as well. I had mentioned the word "orientation" the other day. "serious" is also a word that could be replaced in this situation. Serious when used to talk about a theme, implies something might cause a site to crash or be hacked or that could cause harm. This is just a color issue.

    We will get it resolved for 3.0 release.

    Thanks again, you're an excellent beta tester.

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