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    Question issue of missing index code

    I want to put this php code in index.php

    <?php if (function_exists('easing_slider')){ easing_slider(); }; ?>

    this code is for shows an images slider plugin on a desired part, I want to put it to appear only on the index page above the listed posts, I can do it with the WP default theme for example, but I canīt do it in socrates 3.0 beta, of course so I achieve to put it above the listed posts in socrates but the image slider perforce appears also in every page even in "contact me" page, I think in socrates does not have the part of CODE that allows me to put the slider only above the listed posts in the index, excluding the pages.

    PS: I think it maybe will be not necessary considering the new magazine features of socrates but anyway I would be know a solution. Because also some wp plugins work in this part of code, you could add this part of code to the new version

    waiting for your reply, Andrew

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    You just need to add a conditional tag to it for the front page.

    I would just stick with the magazine one layout, the more slider code and plugins you add to your site, the slower it will get.

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