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    ok I'm confused a bit here. On my laptop where I do my work Macbook Pro, looking through chrome on both, the two sites look different widths even when I make my sidebar be equal to the other site. But on our big screen PC, both sites have the same width. anyone have ideas as to why mac would make a site look smaller? And, can anyone tell me about the containers that Dan wrote about to help control the thickness through various viewing screens? thanks

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    You probably zoomed in or out on your mac-book Pro on some of those pages. (this is easy to do and not notice because of the big track pad Mac's have. - You probably zoomed using two fingers and didn't even realize it happened - it happens to me all the time on my mac.) Don't worry about the size of your site, it is identical to all other Socrates sites.

    As far as the container Dan talked about.. I know that some sites (not Socrates sites) use what might be called a "fluid" container for their sites...this allows the website to re size all components of the website to fit the current size of the users browser window. Socrates uses a fixed with and height for it's components, so don't worry this won't affect your site.

    Hope this helps.

    Leilani Clifford
    - Forum Admin

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    Thank you so much, I guess somehow I did that. Thanks!

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    Lynn, is correct..

    All Socrates sites are exactly the same width.

    In Socrates > Layout (settings in 3.0) you simply choose which width sidebar you want.

    The most popular by far (probably 100 to 1) is the 300 pixel sidebar right. Remember don't design your site for you, design it for your visitor. And also remember how many people view on mobile devices. It's easier to view with 300 pixel sidebar.

    So my advice. Stick to the 300 pixel sidebar and just focus on quality original content.

    The absolute biggest mistakes that newbies make is that they waste too much time on design, and don't focus on quality content and backlinks. I've seen people spend months trying to get their site to look like they want, when all their visitors care about is the information.. not the design.

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