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    Default Updating Socrates error message

    Hope this is not a duplicate question. I have searched throughout the site without seeing the desired answer. Don't know if this is a wp issue or Socrates issue.

    Tried to update my 2.21 Socrates to 2.3. Getting the ff message:

    "Installing Theme from uploaded file:
    Unpacking the package…
    Installing the theme…

    Destination folder already exists. /home/rel323/public_html/

    Theme install failed."

    Since there is a likelihood I'll update to the 3.0 version soon, I would like to get this problem out of the way. I have disabled the wp cache....

    I could delete the Socrates 2.2 file altogether and then install 2.3, but I'm afraid I'll lose all the design elements I've set up previously.

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    There are instructions on the download page for updating. You need to switch to another theme (the default one is fine) and delete your current installation of socrates. As long as you haven't modified any of the socrates files all of your settings will be maintained in the database. You will need to reupload any custom header you may have had. If you modified the Socrates file instead of putting your changes in a child theme you will need to make those changes again. Unless you need a new feature in the newer version you could always stick with your current version. Your decision.
    Lynn T. Harrison
    Ever Evolving Enterprises (my blog on using WordPress) Testimonials appreciated

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