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    Default Problem with color picker and font sizing & header pic

    I have Socrates 3.01 and Wordpress 3.3.2 on a new install with no plugins installed

    1. The font size does not appear at all - just the words "font size"

    2. Where the font color selector appears the square box is there, but does not show the colors; however, if I mouse over and click at any point in the box, the color slide to the right shows the range of colors; but, it's a hit and miss, guessing as to where any particular color will be

    3. When I select an image to be in my header, it shows initially, but after I save, it disappears.

    I'm at a loss as to know what to do at this point. I have another wp site on same host and it works fine

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    1. There are up and down arrows which allow you to increase or decrease the font size. No actual font sizes are shown.
    2. If the headers haven't fully loaded, the color picker won't show. Once it does show it's pretty standard.. you just have to move the cursor to the color you want and you should see it changing.
    3. It sounds like you have Socrates in the wrong path.. or have different paths for blog and site url in Settings > General.

    Always include a link in your posts so we can check out your site.

    If you're using IE, please try using another browser to see if it solves the issue with the color picker.. No one should ever use IE, but if you are that could be the problem.

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