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    Default Insufficient content for Adsense

    I've applied for an AdSense account. It's been denied for insufficient content. I have 13 pages, all with more than 300 words of content, all linked. I have an xml sitemap generated by XML Sitemap Generator for WordPress 3.2.7.

    I had "Ask search engines not to index this site." turned on in Privacy settings on my first application for AdSense. Turned it off and redid the Sitemap. I reapplied for Adsense.

    I'm still being denied an account for insufficient content. Can you help me show Google that I DO have content?

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    For non Socrates questions you can post in the general chat or monetization thread.. that way other customers don't think this is a Socrates issue.

    Have you added the site to Google Webmaster Tools? Add it there and "fetch as googlebot" to see what Google sees

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    Issue's been resolved. Thanks Dan.

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