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    Default Blog pages show at most

    Greetings team

    In the read settings of Wp I have the following set at 1 "Blog pages show at most" This is so one post appears on one page.

    However the downside of this on my blog is on the main page - left column I have the post split into categories with the number of posts under that category.

    Because of that one setting above if someone clicks on any of the category headings they get 1 post summarised instead of a list of them.

    To assist understanding the category Bible Study has 26 posts but if you click on the heading this is what you get

    Any way to get these pages to show a number of posts somehow.

    Any assistance appreciated.

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    The fastest fix is to change your setting from 1 post in Settings > Reading. One post is highly unusual. Just use Sticky post if you want to keep 1 post on main page followed by excerpts.

    We also have other threads on this and there's a plugin called Custom Post limits.

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